Free Video Editing Courses with Certificate

Free Video Editing Courses with Certificate
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Are you searching for free video editing courses?

Do you want to create YouTube and marketing videos like a pro or launch online teaching videos?

If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place.

Nowadays, whether you are a job aspirant or a professional business owner, you need to establish your online presence. Today, most companies prefer video marketing to reach their target audience and establish a personal brand.

But as a beginner, you can face problems in creating and editing videos.

So, here in this article, we have covered the best free online video courses for beginners.

Most of them offer a certificate of completion.

So, mastering the technique of video editing can help you work as a freelancer, full-time video editor, or start your YouTube channel.  

Today many people are learning video editing either for personal or professional use. No expensive equipment or software is required if you want to become a full-time video editor.

There are many free and paid online video and film editing courses online to learn from anywhere. There are plenty of opportunities in this field today.

As a video editor, you manipulate and reconstruct the raw video footage into good-quality video content.

You can join an advertising agency, start your YouTube channel, create an online course, or become a freelancer.

If you are creative and can work for long hours without getting distracted, you can learn video editing.

But there are a few prerequisites that you should know before enrolling in these courses.

Computer and Internet Basics – If you want to do any online course, you need to be familiar with basic computer skills and internet browsing. As you have to watch the tutorials and submit assignments online basic operational knowledge of software, apps, and the internet is required.

Ability to Work for Long Hours – Professional editing is very complex and requires many hours of editing to create a polished and finished piece of content. As a beginner, you have to devote a significant part of your time editing unless you become experienced enough to enter into a supervisor’s role.

Creative and Storytelling Skills – Apart from technical skills, you must possess good problem-solving and storytelling skills. You should imagine how the final piece of content will look to the audience and edit accordingly.

Good Communication Skills – As a professional video editor, you need to explain ideas to your team members to get work executed smoothly, and the project gets completed on time. Not able to communicate accurately may lead to misunderstanding.

free online video editing courses beginners with certificate

You are passionate about how to record and edit videos. But as a beginner, you do not know where to start. Then learning the skills from free certified online video editing courses is the best choice.

These free courses teach you technical aspects of video editing, such as recording, the software required, cutting video, adding music, color correction, adding transitions, rendering, and exporting, along with many other techniques.

Here we have listed the three best free video editing courses online for beginners. You can also upgrade to the paid version as per your requirement.

Top 3 website for free online video editing course beginners with certificate

How to record and edit content for beginners is the best free course. It teaches you how to record and edit videos using your mobile and computer. It is good if you want to create YouTube videos or launch an online course. These are All time free courses for beginners.




Learn How To Edit

25,693 students

1hr 27min.

How to Edit Your Videos: Official Udemy Course

1,111,800 students


How to Record and Edit Video Content for Beginners

23,772 students

1hr 43min.

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

12,904 students

2hr 58min.

Vegas Pro 15 – Basic Video Editing Bootcamp

9,263 students


LinkedIn Learning

Introduction to video editing by Lynda on LinkedIn is an introductory course covering the technical aspects of editing. Two live projects using Adobe Premiere Pro, the best video editing software, are taught from start to finish. LinkedIn offers a 1-month free trial.




Introduction to Video Editing

Video Editing, Video Post-Production

3 Hours

Video Editing Fundamentals

Non-linear Editing, Video Editing

37 Minutes

Creative Video Editing Techniques

Video editing

1 hour 22 minutes

Premiere Pro Essential Training

Adobe Premiere Pro, Video Editing, Video Post-Production

7 Hours 42 minutes

 This site offers many courses from beginners to advanced video editing courses using mainly Premiere Pro software. Though they have monthly and yearly subscription plans, you can learn any technique for free by opting for a 10-Day Free-Trail Service.




Editing a Music Video in AVID Media Composer


2 Hours

Premiere Elements Fundamentals


2.5 Hours

Adobe Premiere Rush CC Fundamentals


1.5 Hours

DSLR Video Fundamentals


1.5 Hours

Photoshop CC Video Editing


58 Minutes


free online course video editing

How do beginners learn video editing? Video editing is an in-demand and well-paid career option right now. The video editor’s role comes into play mainly during post-production. You must edit video and audio footage and add graphics and music using specialized video editing software.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to learn video editing from scratch:

  • You must polish your communication and storytelling skills. You will be able to effectively communicate the message the video wants to convey to its audience.
  • Select video editing software and learn how it works. Master the working of the software and equip yourself with all the industry-related jargon.
  • Select a computer that can handle heavy video files without compromising on the speed.
  • Watch free tutorials online, read articles and books, or enrol in a free course to learn the basics.

How can I learn editing so easily?There is no shortcut to learn any skill. You must have the dedication to learn the technique. But it is not difficult to learn to edit.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to learn video editing quickly:

  • Start with the most elementary software, such as Windows Movie Maker. Learn its working and create and edit a few introductory videos using this software.
  • Do not go into deep learning in the beginning. Learn only basics.
  • No particular degree is required to become a video editor. But you cannot work without training or experience. So, after learning essential software, move onto more professional industry-specific software.
  • If you do not want to enrol in a university course, you can start working as an assistant to an experienced video editor to learn the trade secrets. But without qualification, you might have to work for free also.

How long does it take to learn film editing? The duration to learn any skill depends on what you want to achieve from that skill. It depends whether you want to learn for fun or want to become a professional in that field. The same goes for film editing.

  • Creating and editing short YouTube videos for your channel may take only a few hours or 2-3 days to learn the technique.
  • If you want to learn high-end software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, you need to invest a few months to a year.
  • Learning to edit is not a one-day process. It is a lifelong process. You have to practice continuously to gain expertise.
  • Film editing is not limited to editing only. It involves other tasks, such as understanding the script, shot adjustments, colour adjustments, pitch grading, exposure setup, etc. So, it may take a little longer than regular video editing courses to learn film editing.

How do I learn to edit videos for YouTube?Nowadays, YouTube has become the best video-sharing platform for beginners and professionals alike. You can create funny videos, short films, commercial ads, etc.

Here I will discuss a few tips that will simplify your video editing process.

  • Select a video editing program. You can go for premium software or edit your videos by downloading free video editing apps.
  • Watch tutorial videos online to learn the working of the editing software or app.
  • Make a copy of your original video. Experiment with various techniques, such as cutting different parts, adding transitions, graphics, captions, special effects, etc., to create a seamless and engaging video.
  • Render your videos in high definition and choose a suitable file format, such as .MP4, to save your videos.

Best way to learn free video editing course for beginners with certificate

As a beginner, you need not enrol in any paid course. You can refer to books and free video courses to know more about video editing. It will help you to discover whether you should go for advanced training or not. Though some companies require professional certification for a job, you can learn editing on your own, gain skills, and apply for internships.

Here are a few points that you must consider as you begin to learn video editing.

  • Watch Video Editing TutorialsMany educational tutorials are available online that teach you how to create a great video. Websites such as YouTube and Skillshare offer many free topic-specific tutorial videos.
  • Select Beginner-friendly SoftwareStart with an introductory video editing software, such as the Ice-cream app (free) and then move on to more complex and professional software. You can also start practicing by downloading a free app.
  • Learn Technical TermsWhether you work for yourself or clients, you must be aware of the technical terminology. It will help you sound like a professional video editor.
  • Watch Niche Related VideosYou must know how to organize your work, i.e., selecting the right music, changing the speed of different video parts, colour correction, adding text and graphics, etc. You can become aware of what looks best by watching already created videos in your niche.
  • Choose the Right ComputerYou need to store huge files and reduce your videos’ rendering, loading, and exporting time. You can either purchase a new PC or upgrade an existing one for faster storage.

Best free online course for video editing

There are many offline and online courses (free and paid) available today. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for you to take out time from your busy schedule and enrol in an in-person class. But this does not mean you cannot learn a new skill or upgrade what you already know. There are several free video editing courses online that you can explore.


 Video editing basic is a free online certified video editing course offered by this website. This beginner-friendly course teaches you the fundamentals of video editing and industry jargon using Premiere Pro software. 

  • DURATION – 1 hour
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • SKILLS – Video Editing, Premiere Pro, Creating a Video
  • CERTIFICATE – Available


Final Cut Pro X essentials for newbies is a short, must-attend course for Apple lovers. You can use any video you have shot for the project and learn the basics. You can try it free for fourteen days and upgrade to premium membership to access complete video editing courses.



This site offers a free course on video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to use the software, set up your project, make cuts, add transitions, captions, etc. It teaches you basic to more complex editing techniques.

  • DURATION – 3 hours
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Not available


The video editing and production class cover pre and post-production techniques. You will learn how to create videos for films, advertisements, documentaries besides advanced video editing techniques. The enrolment is on a first-come, first-serve basis every week. Once the slots get filled, you have to wait for the next week.

  • DURATION – 16 weeks (4 weeks free)
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available



How to make text animated short videos, video editing using the Kinemaster app, Filmora, etc., are a few of the free courses by Shaharyar Abdul Khaliq on this site. All these courses are beginner-friendly and teach you how to create short and viral videos. It does not offer a certificate with free classes.

  • DURATION – 40 minutes to 1 hour
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available (Paid)


We have created a list of some of the best free online video editing courses with a certificate after complete research. Beginners, intermediate can take these courses, and advanced editors to polish their skills.

Though most introductory courses are free, you can upgrade anytime to a premium membership to learn more advanced techniques.

Video editing is a skill that you must learn even if you do not want to work as a professional. It will help you to create marketing videos for your services. It also eliminates the need to hire an experienced person and hence saves you time and money. 

We hope this information helps you to kick start your career as a video editor.



Yes, there are many free online certifications available nowadays for video editing. But here we have compiled a list of only industry-recognized certificate courses.

You can learn video editing skills for free by readings books and blogs, watching free videos, working as an intern with a professional, etc. Enrolling in a free video editing course online with a certificate is the best way to start.

This article covers the best free video editing online courses with certificates for beginners. You can enrol in any of them and start learning.

As a beginner, you can learn video editing in two to three months. However, to gain expertise as a video editor, you need to work on several video editing projects.

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