Free Online Python Course for Beginners with Certificate

Free Online Python Course for Beginners with Certificate
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Are you searching for a free online python course for beginners with a certificate? Do you want to get job-ready within a short period without spending no to little money? Are you looking for a long-term, high-paying career?

If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place.

Python is one of the most sought-after open-source high-level and general-purpose, object-oriented programming languages. It finds its application in various projects, such as Artificial Intelligence, web development, game development, data science, data analysis, web scraping, CAD, etc. 

It is the best language to learn as a beginner because of its easy-to-use syntax, readability, and portability.

But as a beginner, many questions pop up in your mind, such as how to learn, the best free online python courses for beginners, whether it is a suitable career option for you or not, etc. This article will answer almost all your queries.

Many people opt for coding as a full-time career. They can learn and upgrade their skills from anywhere due to the availability of various online courses nowadays.

But before you step into this lucrative career option, you must know a few qualities you need to possess to become a successful coder.

  • You must have a basic understanding of computers and the internet. Without this, you cannot enrol in any online course.
  • You must have a problem-solving mindset. To succeed as a programmer, you must develop a habit of reading, learning, and finding solutions to problems.
  • You should have a long-term goal. It would be best if you only focus on investing your time and money to grow as a programmer rather than focus on earning money.

free online python course for beginners with certificate

Enrolling in a free online Python course is the best option to polish your skills for both beginners and experienced professionals. Today how many degrees you have does not matter. You can create a steady flow of revenue if you possess practical skills in this field.

The free courses will help you learn the fundamentals, and also you will know whether you should move ahead with further training or not.

Here we have discussed the three best free online courses for complete beginners to learn Python.

Top 3 website for free online python course for beginners with certificate

Edx.orgWhether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, you can enroll in their free online course to learn Python. The classes are a part of actual programming lectures from the world’s leading universities, such as Harvard, MIT, etc.

  • DURATION – One session to a few weeks
  • LEVEL – Beginner to Advanced
  • CERTIFICATE – Available (Paid)


Upgrad.comTheir free online Python courses for absolute beginners are perfect for starting your journey as a data scientist. Spare only 30 minutes each day for a few weeks to learn how to use Python for data science.

  • DURATION – 50 hours
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available (Free)


Udemy.comIf you are starting your journey as a Python programmer, then free online Python courses by Udemy are the best choice. They offer many short-term free courses that will help you to learn the language in the shortest possible time.

  • DURATION – 1.5 to 12 hours
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available (Free)

free online course python programming

What is the easiest way to learn Python?Python is not a complex language to learn. But still, you might get confused at the beginning, which can make the learning process hard. So let us discuss the most straightforward way you can adopt to make your learning process stress-free.

  • Enroll in a free online course to get your basics clear.
  • Decide what you want to become after learning Python. Select if you wish to become a data scientist, data analyst, app developer, etc.
  • Prepare a planner to achieve your goal and practice coding daily. It will improve your coding skills as well as you will learn new problem-solving techniques also.
  • Collaborate with other Python learners to keep yourself motivated. The feedback you receive on your projects will help you perform better each time.


Is Python being easy to learnPython is the most sought-after coding language. And, as a beginner, you always doubt whether it is easy or challenging to learn Python. This general-purpose coding language is easy to understand and beginner-friendly.

Moreover, Python is an open-source programming language which means you can use it for free for commercial use also.

Let us discuss a few reasons why it is easy to learn:

  • The code and syntax are easy to read and learn as the syntax is similar to English.
  • You must write only a few code lines compared to other programming languages, such as C++, C#, Java.
  • It runs on an interpreter system. So, you can execute the code immediately after writing.
  • It works well with all the platforms, such as Windows, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Programs written using Python code can be transferred from one platform to another without any functional change.


What are the steps to learn Python?The most crucial step before you start learning any programming language is to know what steps to follow to master it.

Follow these steps to simplify your journey to learn Python as a beginner.

  • Code consistently. Code every day for at least 30 minutes and gradually increase the duration.
  • Prepare notes by hand. It will help you to retain information for a long time. Writing code on paper will save you a lot of time also.
  • Install Python and interactive Python shell on your computer. You can test single-line code or short programs.
  • Take short breaks to refresh yourself. You can go for a walk, do meditation, or chat with a friend.
  • Join online communities and forums to collaborate with learners like you.
  • You can also teach. It is one of the best ways to remember new concepts. You start a blog, create videos, etc.
  • Start implementing what you learned. Execute small beginner Python practice projects to gain deep knowledge.

Can I teach myself Python and get a job?

Yes, you can teach yourself Python and get job-ready. But only getting ready for the job should not be your ultimate goal. Coding requires a lot of practical work. You must be passionate about coding to make a career in this field.

If you do not want to learn to code the traditional way, you can join the development Bootcamp. These boot camps offer practical coding training that could last up to 3-6 months.

You collaborate with fellow learners and mentors, and together you learn to code and prepare a sample portfolio. This portfolio holds immense value, and you can use it to crack the interview.

Along with it, you can join online courses to keep learning even after your Bootcamp gets over.

Becoming an expert programmer is a long-term process, and no college or online degree can replace your consistent practice and eagerness to learn more.

Best way to learn free online python course for beginners with certificate

Many free resources are available online to learn Python. You can enroll in them to make a career in the programming field or upgrade your existing knowledge. As a beginner, you can get confused as to what path to follow to learn to code.

The best ways to start learning Python for free are:

  • Goal Setting – Establish a goal before you start learning Python. Select an area of interest, such as app or website development, data science, data analysis, etc. Stick to your goal and practice coding daily.
  • Learn Fundamentals – Start with learning fundamentals. Do not hurry to jump to solving complex problems or projects. You will face difficulty in handing them and may eventually give up.
  • Select Learning Method – Many online resources offer Python programming books and pre-recorded videos for absolute beginners. You can also opt for online interactive sessions where you learn to code in a real-life environment.
  • Learn Python Library – learning Python libraries will save you time to execute specific tasks as you do not have to write code for these tasks again and again.
  • Install an IDE – Install an IDE/text editor to streamline scripting and testing in Python. As a beginner, you can try Jupyter Notebook (browser-based) and move on to other IDE’s later.


Best free online course for Python

The popularity of the Python language is growing day by day. Whether you already know or planning to learn Python, we have compiled a list of websites that offer free online Python programming for the absolute beginner tutorials, videos, and pdfs.

Codeacademy.comIt is the best place if you are looking for interactive learning. You can execute the program from your browser only, no need to install any software. They offer Python2 (free) and Python3 (paid).

  • DURATION – 26 hours
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available (paid)


Google’s Python Course It is a free class for people who have very little coding knowledge. You need to be familiar with basic coding terminology. The course includes written notes, video lectures, and a lot of coding exercises for practice.

  • DURATION – 2 Days
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available It offers complete information on the core concepts in the form of written text and YouTube videos.

  • DURATION – more than 50 hours
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available


Educative.ioIt offers the best free and paid Python 3 interactive course. You can practice coding directly from your browser, and there is no need to download any software. It offers basic to advanced coding concepts, fun coding quizzes, and challenges.

  • DURATION – 75 lessons
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available It offers a free Python for Everybody specialization course. You will learn fundamental programming concepts and also execute a project at the end. They offer five different Python courses, which you can select as per your requirement.

  • DURATION – 3 hours/week for 8 months
  • LEVEL – Beginner
  • CERTIFICATE – Available (Free)


We have listed some free online beginners to advanced python courses that you can select according to your skill level.

You can get Python certified for free by enrolling in free online Python programming for absolute beginner courses. Most of the beginner-level courses are free to join.

Yes, you can get job-ready in Python through learning via online courses. Many live interactive lessons are available that give you a feel of studying in an offline environment.

Many free Python courses are available online. You will find the best free online Python courses with certificates.


This article covers the best free online Python courses for beginners with certificates.  You can enroll and learn from these courses and become a full-time Python programmer or take it up as a side hustle. Most of the courses are free though some require you to pay a fee to get a course completion certificate.

However, whether you enroll in a free or paid course, consistent practice is required.

As a beginner, start from scratch, set goals, select a learning resource, undertake projects in Python for beginners, and become an expert in one field.

After reading this blog you should also read our detailed Python Courses if your search is still incomplete.


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