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option trading courses free
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Are you searching for option trading courses free on the internet but not finding the right course to learn easily.

If the answer is Yes? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, I will explain to you the details of all the courses as well as which course is better for you which are free for everyone.

Before diving into the option trading courses free first, discuss the options trading.

What is option trading?

Simply, option contracts offer the buyer the right, but they are not obliged to buy a call option and put option.

This means in the contract option you have to book that stock in advance with some minimum amount that buyer or seller agrees with a certain period.  You can not sell or buy that stock or any commodity at the period or specific date.

So now discuss all the best option trading course and what you learn in that course step by step 

This course is created by Simon Peters, the Founder and Head Instructor at Simon Binary Trader he teaches the many students or investors who want to advance their skills.

In this course, you will learn about Learn The Fundamentals of Trading Binary Options. 

  • Instructor Rating-4.7 
  •  Reviews- 364
  • Students-11,063
  • Time- 2hr 12min

Who this course is for:

Are you a beginner in options trading and the financial market then this course is a very well fit for you?

What you learn in this course-

  • You will learn about different types of binary options and how each type works.
  • You will be confident in the trade binary option.
  • You will know about how to tackle the minimum risk with help of a binary trade option 
  • Know about the break-even ratio in binary options trading and what win rate to retire for profit.

This course is created by Larrell Stennett, who is a very well-known instructor and teaches thousands of students. The course is all about making financial trade easy.

In this course, you will know about the secret of binary options trading to make more money.

Know about the proper system and how you can trade in a better and efficient way.

The course is for slow steady traders and another for the day trader that wants to be active and make a maximum point each day.

When you go through this course you will be shocked. You will know about how in 5 minutes you can make 97% profit. With the proof.

  • Instructor Rating-4.4
  •  Reviews- 320
  • Students-10,380
  • Time- 44min


  • You will need a laptop or PC
  • Good internet connection

Who is this course for –

  •  A person who willing to learn and have a good interest in binary option trading
  • I want to trade professionally and smartly.

What you learn in this course-

  • You will learn exactly what option is
  • Learn about binary option trades.
  • Learn the best strategy that will enable you to grow your account.

What you get from this course-

  • Trading system -through that you will know about trading system how they work they can take from beginner to winner
  • Visual mentoring course-proven techniques show you through the video that will help you to a better understanding of binary trade options.
  • Free private member access- through that you will get a personal invite to the private members of the group.
  • Free e-book
  • Complimentary voucher-if apply this voucher you will get 20% off use on Scofield trading intermediary course packed with six-figure making secrets.

As you know that title itself explains that it is the course where you will know about how you get a consistent return.


This course is created by one of the famous Stephen Burnich by profession he is the Simple Strategies & Expert Guidance. Navigation Trading.

If you want to know about the basics then this is the best option trading course.

  • Instructor Rating-4.4
  •  Reviews- 3,034
  • Students-24,983 
  • Time-2hr 8min 


  • Computer or laptop
  • Good internet connection

What you learn in this course

  • Learn to create a foundation for earnings constant monthly income.
  • You will receive a specific watch list of the most profitable symbols to trade and which ones to avoid.
  • You will receive the navigation trading implied indicator this indicator helps you in the option trading.
  • Learn from the valuable trader who shares failure information and take a listen from that mistake so in future you will not repeat the same.

What you will get in this course

  • The navigation trading implied volatility indicator-
  • The navigation trading watch list
  • Learn to make money on trading in the 15 minutes
  • Those students who enrolled in this course want to trade will get a discount from the top broker.
  • Unlimited email support you will get.
  • Bonus section at the end of the course.

This course is created by  Andy Peterson, Mark Ely, Kumar Koppireddy, and by profession Andy has over 20 years of experience in the government finance sector. & Teaches the many students as well as investors.

This course will teach you how you can invest and how you can research the market and how to trade in the option market, analyze, and understand the reasons why trend directions occurred. 

  • Instructor Rating-4.1
  •  Reviews- 205
  • Students-11,063
  • Time- 2hr 12min


Requirements of this course-

  • Mobile or laptop or pc to watch the video
  • Good internet connection

Who is this course for-

  • Beginners who want to learn the basics of investing and a student who wants to upgrade the skill option trading and investing.

Courses of the content-

  •  Introduction to Interest Income 
  • Learn about Basic Research
  • Introduction to Stocks (Equities)
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Economic Events and research
  • Introduction to Options
  • What is a Long Call?
  • What is a Short Call?
  • What is Long Put?
  • What is a Short Put?
  • Learn about Debit/Credit Trade Review
  • Introduction to Sentiment Analysis
  • Understanding the Greeks
  • Options Review 

What you will learn in this course-

  • You will learn the basic of investing
  • you will get the knowledge in Trade Caddie investing tools

This course is created by  Abhijit Joshi. He has 20 years of investing experience.

He has taught many students and investors to enhance their skills and upgrade their skills in investment and help to start the journey in investing.

Are you a beginner in options trading? if yes then this course for you because in this course you will know about how option trade works and how they are structured.

  • Instructor Rating-4.3
  •  Reviews- 42
  • Students-1,134
  • Time- 32min



  • Laptop or pc 
  • Good internet connection

Who is this course for-

  • Anyone curious to know about stock and index option
  • Want to learn step by step option trading

 Course content-

  • Introduction
  • Idea of option
  • Basic stock terminologies
  • Apply on options trading in the real world
  • A summary at the end

What you learn in this course-

  • Understand the idea behind stock and index option
  • Learn about the basic terms about the options trading and contracts

This course is created by Samarth Kolhe, Merchant Tradings By profession he is a Professional Trader & Computer engineer. He teaches many students to become successful traders.

This course is all about binary options trading, if you are a beginner in binary options then this course is best for you.

In binary options trading in currency pairs will help you in how and when which pair to trade.

  • Instructor Rating-4.1
  •  Reviews- 164
  • Students-2,965
  • Time- 49min


  • Confidence people
  • Willing to learn 
  • Focus on one course
  • Laptop or pc

Who is this course for-

  • Those who want to become a trader
  • Binary or forex trader
  • Investor

What you learn-

  • Introduction
  • Binary option and platform
  • Automation technical analysis indicators
  • Candlestick OHLC
  • Understand the trading charts
  • Pivot points
  • Economic news analysis
  • Know about the basic trading strategy
  • Beginner trading rules.

This course is created by Bruno Nappini by profession he is a Chief trader Presso e sunnymoney. cloud. and he teaches many students.

one of the best courses to understand the derivatives, before we jump courses content first to understand.

What are derivatives?

These are the assets whose value derives from the underlying price. And the underlying is a real asset (wheat, gold, crude oil)

The underlying is a financial asset like stocks, bonds, exchange rates, future, and options.

  • Instructor Rating-4.6
  •  Reviews- 
  • Students- 668
  • Time- 51min


Laptop or pc to watch the video course

Who is this course for-

  • Trader and investor

What you learn in this course-

Introduction to derivatives-in this module you learn about further contracts and how they born what are the long & short position 

Derivatives from theory to practice– you can learn about leverage, margins, and the risk of the profile.

Fair value or open interest-in this module you will learn the main three aspects that are fare or value which relate to the trading price.or the quantities of derivative trade over the period of time. And open interest.

The risk profile of linear assets In this lesson, you will know about looking at the risk profile and pay-off liner instruments.

And all the aspects are explained related to risk profile and how you minimize risk.

This course is created by Winston Wee by profession he is an Internet Marketing Specialist. He teaches many students or investors.

If you are passionate to learn how call and put options work then this course is perfect for you.

  • Instructor Rating-4.3
  •  Reviews- 2,277
  • Students- 13,297
  • Time- 1hr 21min


  • PC or laptop to watch video content

Who is this course for-

  • Passionate and keen to learn option trading

What you learn in this course-

Textbook Definition of Options Trading-in this module you will know what is the exact textbook definition or meaning of options trading.

Layman Definition of Options Trading

Stock Market Definition of Options Trading– This module know about the stock market definition how it works and the best definition of stock market definition of options trading

Day Trading Rule– In this module know what is the exact day trading rule when an investor invests in stock in options trading.

Buying Stock vs Buying Call-In this module you will know about what is the difference between buying stock or buying from call-in options trading

Strike Price – Derivative contract can be bought or sold when it is exercised In the money, At the money, Out of money

Options Volatility- in this module you will know about the fluctuation in the market price of the underlying asset.

Which Expiry and Which Options– in this module, you will know about the expiry date in the market in options trading. 

Options Greek-in this module you will know about through options geeks techniques you will decide options trading.

Time Decay– in this module you will learn how options contract time affects the loss or profit of the trade.

Straddle Price and 1 Standard Deviation-In the options trading how to straddle price and standard deviation calculated in this course you will know.

This course is created by Ziv by profession he is an MBA in Finance specialized in the stock markets. He taught many students. Most of the students are very happy with this course.

In this course, you will learn option trading strategies & how you can earn from the stock market.

  • Instructor Rating-4.1
  •  Reviews- 19
  • Students- 873
  • Time- 1hr 4min


  • Basic knowledge of put or call options trading.
  • laptop or pc 
  • Good internet connection

Who is this course for-

Have you become sick of options trading and tired of losing money from buying options this course teaches how you can sell instead. 


What you learn in this course-

 Introduction- In this module, the instructor introduces all the topics which are going to teach you what is options trading? how you can earn from the stock market.

What you learn in this course-

Selling options strategy – in this module you will learn about how to sell covered call options for passive income.

Cash secured puts– In this module, you will know how cash-secured puts help to buy stocks at the time when the stock price is low and how you can ready for secured cash to buy stock.

Selling options strategy 3.& credit spreads– In this module, you will know the different types of options strategy and what is credit spreads, it is basically in the US market like treasury, bonds, etc. All these things covered in this module

Selling options strategy 4- debit spread -In this module, you will know about debit spread strategy through debit spread strategy how you maintain the cash flow.

Selling options strategy 5-iron condors- In this module, you will know about iron condors one of the option stages in this strategy trader consisting of two puts one is long and the other one short.


All the above listed are best for free to enroll if you are a beginner and passionate then all this course helps you a lot to upgrade skill.

So if you like this free online courses review please comment if you know any better than this course.

if you need any other courses for free then reach out by email or comment below thanks for reading.

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