FREE SAP Courses Online with Certificate

FREE SAP Courses with Certificate
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Hello Learner.

Are you looking for FREE SAP courses with Certificate to kick start your career?

As you already know SAP stands for Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing.

SAP is a business automation software used for various process like collecting and processing of data. In simple language you can say these SAP courses extended version of advanced excel courses not exactly but kind of.

It connects various business functions inside an organization all together and helps in data analysis.

Today in this article, I am going to share with you some of the amazing Free SAP courses of different modules which you can do for free.

But before going onto the list of free online SAP courses, I would like to tell you why SAP courses are in demand nowadays.

1- Modern Business Intelligence Tool.

2- It helps to automate business data.

3- Helps to connect various data points of different fields like- Marketing, Finance, Human resources & etc.

There are several other benefits of using SAP as well, that you will understand later. 

So, now without any further ado let’s dive into the list of available courses.

  • Duration – 4hours
  • Level – Beginners
  • Students enrolled – 9500+

This course will be best for you if you are just starting your career in SAP. It is an introductory level course that will help you to land a better jobs or as an additional skill for your resume. You don’t need any experience to do this course.

What you will learn.

  • Fundamentals of SAP.
  • All about SAP basics.
  • Duration – 35minutes.
  • Level – Beginners.
  • Students enrolled – 2,800+

This course will help you to get a SAP certificate from the official SAP website. This short duration course help you to understand The basics theoretical ex-rights price (TERP) and how it functions with SAP data processing software.

What you will learn.

  • Fundamentals of SAP.
  • Learn about TERP
  • Business processing.
  • Duration – 2.5 hours
  • Level – Intermediate
  • Students Enrolled – 8,800+

This course is created for those students who already learned the basics of SAP and now want to learn how to migrate data in SAP. LSMW is a tool used in SAP used for data migration from one system to another. It will also teach you to upload master and transaction data with it.

What you will learn-

  • Learn to Use LSMW.
  • Data Migration in SAP.
  • Learn to import & export projects in SAP.
  • Duration – 1hour 11minutes
  • Level – Beginners
  • Students Enrolled – 800+

This course will help you to understand the basic functioning of SAP. It is a step-by-step guide for all those individuals who are just starting their career with SAP. The great part about this course is this course will teach you the basics in such a way so that it will become easy to start your professional journey with it.

What you will learn- 

  • Learn Transport Management System.
  • SAP software architecture.
  • Learn to setup and manage clients.
  • Duration – 2hours
  • Level – intermediate.
  • Students Enrolled – 250+

As it is an intermediary course so that there are a less number of students enrolled in it. This course specifically focuses on SAP S4 Hana Intercompany Cost Allocation. This requires to have a knowledge of using SAP and not recommended for beginners.

What you will learn-

  • Learn to generate TAX invoices.
  • Intercompany cost allocation.
  • Duration – 1.5hours.
  • Level – All levels
  • Students Enrolled – 5,400+

As its name suggest, this course will help you to learn Sap HANA in sourcing/purchasing and procurement. This course requires the basic knowledge of SAP but it is not compulsory.

This module help you to manage a proper flow from planning to payment of vendor.

What you will learn-

  • Theoretical overview and a demo.
  • Sourcing and Procurement process overview.
  • Duration – 2.5 Hours
  • Level – Beginners.
  • Students Enrolled – 19,000+

This course designed for those individuals who are interesting in programming a bit but want to build their career in the field of business environment. Than this course is designed for you this course requires understanding of programming and basics of SQL is must.

What you will learn-

  • Learn to write simple codes.
  • Learn to Use ABAP editor.
  • Duration – 1hour 20minutes
  • Level – Intermediate
  • Students Enrolled – 1000+

ABAP is a code editor of SAP used to develop various functions a per the company requirement. This course will help to use the APIs in the SAP system with the help of ABAP. This course requires a basic knowledge of using ABAP. It is an introductory level course for SAP learners and help you to SAP journey.

What you will learn-

  • Using rest API with SAP.
  • Duration – 5Hours.
  • Level – Beginners
  • Students Enrolled – 8000+ 

This course will help you to understand the Fundamentals of SAP Netweaver. This course is designed for beginners and more than 8000 students already enrolled in this course. There is no further requirements for doing this course you just need a PC with an internet connection.

What you will learn-

  • SAP netweaver fundamentals.
  • SAP basics.
  • SAP consultancy.
  • Duration – 3.5 hours.
  • Level – Beginners
  • Students Enrolled – 13,000+ 

This course will help you to gain the chance of getting selected while giving a SAP related interview. This course will develop you in such a way so that it will become easy to crack you job. But this is an intermediate course you should learn to use SAP before preparing to crack for an interview.

What you will learn-

  • Learn to deal with tricky question.
  • Learn to use Sales and distribution (Theoritical knowledge for interview).


These are few SAP courses that you can consider while paying huge fees for doing SAP.

I will suggest you to check the course deeply before making a decision and then decide whether you want to do it or not.

That all for today. Thanks for reading this article and if you want me to add more related courses please let me know in the comment section. 


There are different kinds of SAP courses which we mentioned above all these courses are available for free.

you can learn SAP for free but these above mentioned SAP courses will not provide you a certificate you can apply on SAP official website to get the related certificate. 

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