Best Online Stock Trading Courses in India

Best Online Stock Trading Courses in India
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Are you looking for the Best Online Stock Trading Courses in India?

If yes, then you are at the right article.

As you already know, there are a lot of stock trading courses in India which you can do. Some of them are free and many are paid, but when you opt for the paid one, you will get the updated resources and different types of support as well.

Premium or paid courses give you great value for your money.

In this blog article, I will cover the Best stock trading courses in India that are certified by NSE Academy India.

These courses are created by well-experienced professionals of the real market you can read about them as well.

They will help you to gain maximum practical knowledge that you can apply just after the completion of the course.

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So without any further discussion, lets dive on to the list of best courses.

  • Level – All Levels
  • Content –  70+ Video lectures

This Stock trading course is created by the Elearn market and it consists of 70+ videos, 5 text-based content, Interactive learning tools with quizzes & tests & a course completion certificate as well. This course will be a perfect knowledge club for new learners. This course focuses on the foundational level of learning.

What you will learn

  • Capital Market basics.
  • Corporate actions & their types.
  • Economy & Financial Markets.
  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis.
  • Level – Beginners
  • Content –  41+ Video lectures, 30+ Study materials.

This option trading course is created by Elearn Market and this is one of the most prominent course which you can opt for. This course consists of video lectures of more than 5+hours. This course will help you to learn volatile & non-volatile strategies, Ratio spread strategies, Bull & bear spread strategies.

What you will learn.

  • Put & call options.
  • Options pricing.
  • Options geek.
  • Open interest & rollover.
  • Level – Beginners
  • Content – 19+ Video lectures.

This course is developed for complete beginners who are just planning to enter the stock market for trading. 

As a teenager, you always thought about what to do next in your career. This course will give you great knowledge. It will cover each and every topic that should be covered for an individual who is planning to build their career in stock trading. 

What you will learn.

  • Basics of stock trading.
  • Portfolio diversification.
  • Types of broker and their appointment.
  • What to choose investing or trading.
  • Level – All Levels
  • Content –  61+ Video lectures

This stock investing courses consists of 61 video lectures, 15+ Study materials along a practice test. After completion of this course, you have to give an exam of 1.5hour when you will qualify for that exam you will get a Certificate of completion. 

This stock trading course will help you to choose the best stock that will give you an inflation-beating return on your investment.

What you will Learn.

  • Fundamental analysis.
  • Stock Investing.
  • Analyzing a company.
  • Reading balance sheet.
  • Ratio analysis.
  • Difficulty Level – Intermediate.
  • Topic – Options Trading.

This is a premium course created by Kredent Academy that will help you to generate a Fixed online income with the help of options trading. This course will give you a course completion certificate and valid for 3years. The certificate will help you to land an entry-level job if you want to join a stock market-related job.

This course is available in the English language and it is a self-paced course. This premium course consists of a total of 7videos, 3+hours of video content, 5+supplementary study materials, chapter-wise, and full-length tests as well.

Any graduate and post-graduate student can do this course

Topics covered in this course.

  • Interest rates and time value of money.
  • Money & Fixed income market.
  • Govt. bonds and Interest rates derivatives.
  • Difficulty Level – Intermediate.
  • Topic – Technical Analysis

This is course is certified by NCDEX and it is a paid course developed by Kredent Academy. It is an intermediate-level course and helps you to learn the step-by-step process of picking up the stocks with the help of Technical Analysis.

This course consists of a total of 15videos, 1+Hours of content, a Full-length test.

This course is developed by those individuals who are looking to build a career in the field of the Financial market.

Topics covered in this course.

  • Technical Analysis Philosophy.
  • Relationship between Price and Time.
  • Volume and Open Interest.
  • Basics of Dow Theory.
  • Basic concepts of Trendlines Support& Resistances.
  • Reversal and Continuation Patterns.
  • Difficulty level – Intermediate.
  • Topic – Technical Analysis.


This is a self-paced learning program related to technical analysis and this course is available on the Elearn Market platform. This course consists of a course completion certificate from NSE  Academy facilitated by Elearn market, and if you want to enter a stock market job you can simply do this course. This Technical analysis stock market course is valid up to 3years.


Topics covered in this course.

  • Basic technical analysis.
  • Dow Theory.
  • Trendlines support and assistance.
  • Classical chart patterns.
  • Candlestick patterns.
  • Gap theory.
  • Indicators & Oscillators.
  • Fibonacci and Markets.
  • Trading Strategies.
  • Trading Psychology, Risk Management and Money Management.

Difficulty level – Basics

Topics – Mutual Fund

As you all know mutual fund gains immense popularity these days. It becomes for millennials to invest money in the stock market and a mutual fund is the best option to start your investing journey. This mutual fund-related online course helps you to understand each and every doubt that arises in the mind of a new investor and also helps you to understand which lot to choose to gain the maximum benefit as per your need. At the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of mutual fund investment.

This course is designed for portfolio managers, Entry-level analysts, Traders & Individual investors.


Topics covered in this course.

  • Asset management.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the mutual funds.
  • Exchange traded fund.
  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation.
  • Fixed and Flexible Asset Allocation.
  • & many other topics.


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You can check amazing stock market courses for beginners on this website. We had already covered all the major and minor courses which a beginner can pursue.

There are a lot of training centers in India that provide stock market training. But Elearn market is one of the best institutes from which you can do the course they provide online as well as offline support. Some of the courses are mentioned above.

There are a lot of best platforms to learn stock market some of them are covered in this article which you can do. They will offer you after-sales service as well just like an offline institute.

You don’t require any degree to learn the stock market but in order to get a job in the field of the stock market, it is good to have a Bachelor’s degree of commerce stream. 

There is no such best or worst course, you should be clear about the topic that you want to study. Here are some courses which you can start as a beginner in the field of the stock market.

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