you re a badass at making money

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“you re a badass at making money” is a powerful and inspiring book that offers practical guidance and motivation to transform your relationship with money.


Title:- You Are a Badass at Making Money

Author | Jen Sincero | | Genre | Self-help, Personal Finance | | Format | Paperback/Hardcover/Ebook | | Pages | 388 | | Language | English | | Publisher | Penguin Random House |

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Why Should You Buy This?

“you re a badass at making money” is a must-buy for anyone looking to transform their financial situation and unlock their earning potential. Jen Sincero’s relatable writing style, practical tips, and motivating tone make this book an engaging and empowering read.


  • Empowering and motivating tone
  • Relatable personal anecdotes
  • Bite-size concepts for easy understanding
  • Practical tips and techniques for earning potential
  • Provides real results and actionable steps
  • Suitable for readers at different financial stages


  • May not cover advanced financial strategies
  • Emphasis on personal anecdotes may not resonate with everyone
  • Writing style may be too informal for some readers


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