Best Author Master The Stock Market E-book

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Inside the books

  • Stock Indexes and Sectors
  • Seasonal Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Comparative Relative Strength
  • Breadth Studies
  • Volume Analysis
  • Patterns, Indicators, and Oscillators
  • Scanning for Profits
  • Pivot Point Analysis
  • “Putting It All Together
  • Position Sizing, Trade Entry Techniques, Risk Management,Trailing Stops, and Trade Management
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“For those picking up this book who have little to no experience in the markets, I’ll start off by welcoming you to the world of trading and investing. One of the greatest achievements for the human mind and psyche is to identify a business opportunity and then profit by taking decisive action.”

Excerpt From: John L. Person. “Mastering the Stock Market”. Apple Books.


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