Charting and technical analysis fred mcallen pdf


These are the main topics covereded in this book.

  • The Dow Theory 
  • The Three trend Market 
  • The Three Phases of Primary
  • The Laws of Charts 
  • Candlesticks Defined
  • Formations 
  • Support Resistance and trend
  • Chart Patterns
  • Reversal Patterns
  • Inverted Head and shoulders patterns
  • Double tops and Bottoms
  • Saucers and spikes
  • Continuing Patterns
  • Flags and pennants
  • Bull Flag
  • Price Gaps 
  • The key Reversal day
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In Charting and technical analysis fred mcallen pdf , You will learn charting when you should buy or sell your stock for maximum profit. this book is written by the author is free McAllen, who have shared their experience with this book and if you go through reviews and rating is very positive given by students and investors.

Many big investors and professionals suggest this book for understanding the technical analysis through charts.

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