05 Online Tools for Content Writers to Detect Plagiarism from their Content

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We all know that digital marketing has increased in every aspect of life. Every second person is trying their luck in online businesses. Every day, new tactics and techniques are applied to grow businesses.

But to increase your online business at a big platform, it is essential to come up with ideas that attract people towards themselves.

The same rule works for content writers. People get attracted to unique and different content.

But in the digital marketing race, it has been observed that people copy the contents of other people to get ratings over Google.

Instead of coming up with their creative ideas, people copy the article of others and paste them on their website.

To avoid this thing, there are many plagiarism detectors introduced that help in detecting the copied content.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as representing someone else’s work, idea or writing by using your name. It is highly unethical and theft.

This factor is disliked by the search engine, and your page gets de-ranked due to this reason. So, the writers must make the content unique and avoid duplication.

For it, they can use the duplication checker tools that detect the copied content in the article.

What do you mean by plagiarism detectors?

Plagiarism detectors are tools and applications used to check the copied content in an article. It detects the content that is duplicated.

These detectors scan the entire document thoroughly and review the content that is taken from other sources. Many online applications and tools can be beneficial in this regard.

05 best duplication detector tools

Today we will discuss some best plagiarism detector tools. These will help in detecting a single word that is copied from a source.

1.      Prepostseo.com

It is the best plagiarism detection tool that is used by millions of people. It is one of the most reliable tools that scan the whole document thoroughly and highlight its copied content.

image 05 Online Tools for Content Writers to Detect Plagiarism from their Content

There are some excellent features of paper rater that include

·       Source of duplication

This tool provides you the source from where the content was taken or exactly duplicated. This will help the writer visit the source and avoid using the exact words in that article.

·       Download the file

Once you are done detecting the duplicate content, you can download the reports from there. Just click on the download button and it will save the document to your device.

2.      Check-plagiarism.com

It is one of the excellent tools used by many writers. It gives accurate results and scans the data to match every single word on the search engine.

Here we will discuss the top features of this top tool.

image 1 05 Online Tools for Content Writers to Detect Plagiarism from their Content

·       Easy interphase

It has a very simple and easy interphase. The users using this tool for the first time can easily understand its working.

·       Free of cost

This plagiarism checker is free of cost. All you need to do is copy your content and put it into the tool.

It will take a few seconds, and you will get the result along with the percentage.

3.      Paraphraser.io

In the list of best plagiarism checkers, this tool works perfectly. All you need to do is upload your file on the blank page. Here are some extraordinary features of this top tool.

image 2 05 Online Tools for Content Writers to Detect Plagiarism from their Content

·       Deep search

When the text is inserted in this duplication detecting tool, it scans the content deeply and highlights the plagiarized parts.

Along with that, it provides you with the percentage of plagiarized content and rates your work according to the copied content.

It uses a deep search tool to check that the content is 100% accurate and original. The copied content is marked as red, and the content is overall rated after the scanning.

·       Compatible everywhere

The best thing about this tool is that it can be used everywhere. It means you are free of choice whether you want to use it on mobile or laptop.

4.      Softo.org

This is one of the best duplication checkers that will help you capture the content copied from any other source.

This online tool is full of advanced features. Here we will discuss some of the top features of this duplication checker.

image 3 05 Online Tools for Content Writers to Detect Plagiarism from their Content

·       Format of multiple files

This online tool supports multiple file formats. All you need to do is directly go and upload the file. Users are not restricted to using only one format in this fantastic tool.

The document can be in any form, docs, txt, pdf, etc.

·       Percentage of plagiarized file

This app helps in achieving the percentage of the content that has been copied from any website. In this way, you will know the exact percentage of plagiarized content.

5.      Coderduck.com

It is the most used tool used on a big scale to check the accuracy of the content. This tool is used by almost every professor, blogger, academic teacher, and freelancer.

image 4 05 Online Tools for Content Writers to Detect Plagiarism from their Content

The top features of this amazing tool include

·       Fast working

This tool is very fast in working. Once you upload the file, you get the reports immediately. This will help the users in increasing their workflow and saving time.

·       Security and privacy

Many people are worried about the security of their data. This tool keeps your data secured and doesn’t save it in the database. It is a very secure tool.


It is challenging for everyone to check every single word of the document once it is written. So, these kinds of tools save your time and give you accurate results.

Before uploading the file onto the search engine or website, it is necessary to go through the content and remove the duplications.

This is important because duplicated data may escape the human eye, but these tools detect every word and highlight them.

The tools discussed in this article can be pretty helpful for you as they can help you to remove the plagiarized content and make it unique for the readers.

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