7 Best Financial Modeling Courses Online

Best financial modeling courses
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Are you looking for Best Financial Modeling Courses online?

If yes, then I had prepared this list of a few best financial modeling courses that you should consider. 

Financial modeling is one of the sought-out career options to get a good-paying entry-level job. And you should not compromise with the quality of content just for the sake of a few pennies.

Buying an online course is an investment. An investment in yourself.

These courses will help you to understand the concepts of financial modeling from basics to advanced.

There are a few top trusted websites’ courses that were covered in this article.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the List of Best financial Modeling courses.

Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

  • Duration – 14 Hours.
  • Students  – 15,9484
  • Rating – 4.6
  • Level –  Beginner

This financial modeling course is available on Udemy. In this short duration course, you will learn various concepts. This course will build your foundation and teach advanced skills as well. In this course, you will master the ms excel that will help you to perform your daily work-related task very swiftly.

What you will learn.-

  • Learn how to value a company.
  • Learn to excel in an advanced manner.
  • Build a P & L statement from raw data.
  • Acquire financial modeling skills from scratch.

The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp

  • Duration – 10 Hours.
  • Students  – 22,748
  • Rating – 4.8
  • Level –  Beginner

As its name suggests this course is designed for students who want to learn financial modeling. This course will help you to learn a functional, dynamic real estate financial model from scratch. His online financial modeling course will help you to understand real-life problems and the solution of real estate financial modeling.

What you will learn.-

  • Learn to prepare the P&L of a real estate project.
  • Learn the skill set to model real estate transactions for multiple different asset types.
  • Learn Microsoft Excel in a more advanced and easy manner.

Complete Financial Modeling for Project Finance in Excel

  • Duration – 10.5 Hours
  • Students – 1,127
  • Ratings – 4.5
  • Level – Intermediate

This Financial modeling course is created by Greg Ahuy. This course is an updated course that will help you to understand a few modern concepts as well. This online financial modeling course is mainly focused on project finance and infrastructure valuation. discounted Cash Flow (DCF) & Internal Rate of Return (IRR). you should consider this course if you want to learn project finance.

What you will learn

  • Learn to carry out sensitivity scenarios
  • Learn to create best practice macros and excel VBA codes.
  • Learn to model Shareholder Loan, Revolver, and Blended Equity IRR.

Financial Modeling for Corporates

  • Duration – 6.5 hours.
  • Students – 700+
  • Ratings – 4.6
  • Level – Beginners

This course will teach you about the financial modeling for corporate strategy banking, equity analysis & get a top-class financial model. This course will be beneficial for you if you are a working professional in the corporate sector. This course requires a basic knowledge of using Microsoft excel. 

What you will learn.-

  • Learn the Enterprise Value, Equity Value & Terminal Value.
  • Learn financial analysis ratios (ICR, Debt/Equity, etc).
  • Learn to design beautiful charts for telling financial stories.

The Advanced Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp

  • Duration – 10 hours.
  • Students – 6,214
  • Ratings – 4.8
  • Level – Intermediate

This financial modeling course is also related to real estate and helps you to understand or the major and minor concepts of financial modeling related to real estate. This course is specially designed for real estate investment professionals. In this course, you will master the formulas, functions, and processes of real estate financial modeling. 

What you will learn.-

  • You will learn the skill set to model development projects.
  • You will be able to manipulate data provided by sellers and brokers quickly and easily.
  • You will be able to model complex real estate investment scenarios in ms excel.

Financial Modeling for Startups & Small Businesses

  • Duration – 2hours
  • Students – 70
  • Ratings – 4.6
  • Level – Beginners.

As its name suggests this financial modeling course is developed for small business to manage their finances. In this course, you will learn to build a practical financial model to forecast your startup business. This amazing course is created by Logan Burchett.

What you will learn

  • Build an Income Statement.
  • Build a Balance Sheet.
  • Build a Statement of Cash Flows.
  • How all 3 statements are connected.
  • Basic Excel Functions and Formulas.

Business and Financial Modeling Specialization

  • Duration – 2hours a week (6 months)
  • Students – 63,000+
  • Ratings – 4.5
  • Level – Beginners.

This course is a full-time course available on Coursera and it is created by Wharton Online university. This course will offer you a certificate in financial modeling as well. This course will help you to build quantitative models, and make you harness the power of spreadsheets, map & predict data. You should check out this course as well if you are planning for a full-time course.

What you will learn.

  • Create quantitative models.
  • Understand the measurement and risk management.
  • Decision-making for optimum results.

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