Your Course Guide To Building a SoundCloud Presence

Your Course Guide To Building a SoundCloud Presence
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Social networking site SoundCloud is mostly used to share audio recordings, as the name suggests. With SoundCloud, instead of photographs and movies, you can share the world with sounds and music.

First, the idea for SoundCloud was conceived in 2007 by Swedish sound designer Alexander Ljung and recording artist Eric Wahlforss as a way for artists to share their work and ideas. Later that year, SoundCloud was able to incorporate into Germany and become what it is today. 

In today’s world, what does SoundCloud stand for? More than 12 hours of total audio is uploaded by contributing artists every minute, making it the world’s largest online distribution platform for original music and audio recordings, with more than 175 million unique monthly visitors.


The Foundation

Many people believe that SoundCloud is utilized for two unique purposes: to promote one’s own music or audio recordings, as well as for listening purposes.

  • Users of SoundCloud who have contributed

In order to share their music with the world, participants may upload and arrange it on SoundCloud, and they can see who is listening and what their demographics are. In addition, SoundCloud users may sell and/or download their music from their profile page, and they can publish updates on their other social media pages anytime they upload new music to SoundCloud. 

Depending on the artist, some allow fans to use their music in certain ways and also allow them to buy SoundCloud plays as well.

  • Listeners to SoundCloud music

Listeners of audio tracks on SoundCloud have the option of leaving comments on the tracks they’re enjoying or even sharing the recordings they’re enjoying with others through other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

In addition, SoundCloud users may help spread the word about the music they like by re-posting it on their own profile, adding it to their “favorites,” or sharing it with a group. Even better, SoundCloud users may create their own playlists and sometimes download songs that other SoundCloud users have shared with them.

How to use SoundCloud?


  • On your PC, search for music and audio clips.

What genre of music do you like listening to the most? Classical? Pop? Rock? Hip-hop? In such cases, an audiobook, a documentary, or a stand-up comedy show could be more your style than any kind of musical accompaniment. It’s easy to discover new music on SoundCloud by searching for a certain genre, or you can just listen to what’s trending.

  • Listen to audio tracks.

Even if listening to music is fun, why stop there? To share your ideas, you may leave a comment on an audio track, designate it as a “favorite,” add it to a playlist, or post it to your different social network profiles. A free music download may even be available, so you may enjoy it at your own pace whenever and wherever you like.

  • Make your own playlists and enjoy your favorite music in the manner you choose.

Your inner DJ may be set free by creating custom playlists of your favorite songs. Do you want a CD that only contains songs that your favorite musician has written? As an alternative, you might enjoy a mix of different genres of music. 

Instead, you may have a certain pattern in mind that you’d want a specific set of audio recordings to follow. You have the choice to share or not share your SoundCloud playlist with other SoundCloud users. There is no right or wrong answer!

  • Build a SoundCloud playlist.

Using the search bar on SoundCloud can help you locate what you’re looking for. Using SoundCloud’s search features, you can locate exactly what you’re searching for, whether it’s an audio file, a user, a playlist, or a group of people (no pun intended). 

Additionally, you may be able to use some filtering options, such as the length of a song or the time since someone joined SoundCloud, to your benefit.

  • Search categories and filters may be found on SoundCloud.

There may be a SoundCloud group for a certain performer or genre of music that you’re a fan of. Joining a group is a great way to not only share your music with your friends but to also see what other people in your group are listening to.

  • Make your profile more engaging and show off your personality by highlighting your accomplishments and achievements.

SoundCloud is a part of a larger social network, so get involved! Fill in the boxes with some more information about yourself by selecting a display picture, a background, and a username for your profile. You are free to reveal as much or as little information as you desire.



SoundCloud is becoming more than just a music-streaming site; it’s also a way for up-and-coming musicians to get their music out there and a place for music lovers to connect. At its foundation, SoundCloud is all about allowing you to find and listen to the best new music.

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