Sun tzu the art of war pdf

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Some important chapters in these book sun tzu the art of war pdf

  1. The Nature of War
  2. Waging War
  3. Planning a Siege
  4. Tactical Dispositions
  5. Forces and Resources
  6. Weaknesses and Strengths
  7. Maneuvering the Army
Categories: Business & Economics – Management & Leadership
Year: 2009
Publisher: Pax Librorum
Language: english
Pages: 67
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Sun tzu the art of war pdf through Sun Tzu is one of the most influential books on navy strategy ever written. Written greater than two thousand years ago, it has been translated into many languages and studied by using navy leaders and strategists round the world. In this book, Sun Tzu offers his philosophy on how to win wars, emphasizing the importance of strategy, tactics, and leadership.

The Art of War book is not only about war; it is also a information to life. Sun Tzu believed that the ideas of strategy and techniques may want to be applied to all components of life, from commercial enterprise and politics to private relationships. His thoughts have stood the test of time, and proceed to be relevant in modern day world.

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