Technical analysis of stock trends pdf

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  • The Technical Approach to Trading and Investing
  • Charts.
  • The Dow Theory.
  • The Dow Theory in Practice
  • The Dow Theory’s Defects
  • The Dow Theory in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Important Reversal Patterns
  • Important Reversal Patterns
  • Important Reversal Patterns
  • Important Reversal Patterns
  • Other Reversal Phenomena
  • Short-term Phenomena of Potential Importance
  • Consolidation Formations
  • Gaps
  • Support and Resistance
  • Trendlines and Channels
  • Major Trendlines
  • Trading the Averages in the 21st Century
  • Technical Analysis of Commodity Charts
  • Summary and Some Concluding Comments
  • Technical Analysis and Technology in the 21st Century:
  • Advancements in Investment Technology

Part 2: Trading Tactics

  • The Tactical Problem
  • Strategies and Tactics for the Long-term Investor
  • The All-Important Details
  • The Kind of Stocks We Want — The Speculator’s Viewpoint .
  • The Kind of Stocks We Want — The Long-term Investor’s Viewpoint
  • Selection of Stocks to Chart
  • Selection of Stocks to Chart 
  • Choosing and Managing High-risk Stocks: Tulip Stocks, Internet Sector, and Speculative Frenzies
  • The Probable Moves of Your Stocks
  • Two Touchy Questions
  • Round Lots or Odd Lots?
  • Stop Orders
  • What Is a Bottom — What Is a Top? 
  • Trendlines in Action
  • Use of Support and Resistance
  • Not All in One Basket
  • Measuring Implications in Technical Chart Patterns
  • Tactical Review of Chart Action
  • A Quick Summation of Tactical Methods
  • Effect of Technical Trading on Market Action
  • Automated Trendline: The Moving Average
  • The Same Old Patterns
  • Balanced and Diversified
  • Trial and Error
  • How Much Capital to Use in Trading
  • Application of Capital in Practice
  • Portfolio Risk Management — Measurement and Management.
  • Stick to Your Guns
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Technical analysis of stock trends pdf will guide through all aspects of technical analysis of stock trends in a detailed way. All the concepts of trend analysis are explained with a simple example.

The author of the Robert D. Edwards John Magee is very famous and one of the best books on stock market technical analyis.

Charts and patterns are explained very nicely so beginners can also understand.

If you want to learn through video content we have also covered some best Technical Analysis Courses with Certificate . all these courses are made by well-experienced professionals in the stock market.



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