Summary of The Intelligent Investor

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These are topics covered in this Summary of The Intelligent Investor

  •  Investment vs. Speculation (and the Defensive vs. Enterprising Investor
  • The Investor and Inflation 
  • A Century of Stock Market History 
  •  General Portfolio Policy: The Defensive Investor 
  •  Defensive Investor and Common Stocks 
  • Portfolio Policy for the Enterprising Investor – Negative approach
  • Excerpt From: Laurent, Frank. “The Summary Of The Intelligent 
  •  Portfolio Policy for the Enterprising Investor – Positive Approach 
  • The Investor and Market Fluctuation 
  • Chapter 9: Investing in Investment Fund 
  •  The Investor and His Advisors 
  • Security Analysis for the Lay Investor 
  •  Things to Consider About Per-Share Earnings (EPS) 
  • A Comparison of Four Listed Companies  
  • Stock Selection for the Defensive Investor 
  •  Stock Selection for the Enterprising Investor  Chapter 16: Convertible Issues and Warrants 
  • Four Extremely Instructive Case Histories  
  • Chapter Comparison of Eight Pairs of Companies 
  • Shareholders and Managements – Dividend Policy 
  • The margin of Safety as the Central Concept of Investment 
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