Options as a Strategic Investment pdf

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These are the main topics

  • Definitions
  • Definitions
  • Call Buying
  • Other Call Buying Strategies
  • Naked Call Writing
  • Ratio Call Writing
  • Bull Spreads
  • Bear Spreads Using Call Options
  • Calendar Spreads
  • The Butterfly Spread
  • Ratio Call Spreads
  • Combining Calendar and Ratio Spreads
  • Reverse Spreads
  • Diagonalizing a Spread
  • Put Option Basics 
  • Put Option Buying
  • Put Buying in Conjunction with Common Stock Ownership
  • Buying Puts in Conjunction with Call Purchases
  • The Sale of a Put
  • The Sale of a Straddle
  • Learn about Synthetic Stock Positions Created by Puts and Calls
  • Basic Put Spreads
  • Spreads Combining Calls and Puts
  • Ratio Spreads Using Puts
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In this ​​Options as a Strategic Investment pdf you will know about the basics of all types of investment strategy. All the concept in this ebook is explained with a simple example which makes books easy to understand the concept of investment.

The author of this book is  Lawrence G. McMillan who is a very well-known trader who has shared their investment journey as well as the good strategy for investing in stocks.

When we talk about the rating of this ebook is 4.7-star rating according to amazon. most of the readers give very good feedback and reviews.

So if you are a beginner in the investment journey then you must buy this book because lot of topics are discussed from scratch.



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