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  • Set the Table
  • Plan Every Day in Advance
  • Apply the 80/20 Rule to Everything
  • Consider the Consequences
  • Practice Creative Procrastination
  • Use the ABCDE Method Continually
  • Focus on Key Result Areas
  • Apply the Law of Three
  •  Prepare Thoroughly Before You Begin
  •  Take It One Oil Barrel at a Time
  • more…
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A summary of the eat that frog book pdf productivity method Define your goals and write them down. break those goals down into tasks. break those tasks down into the smallest possible subtask. Prioritize your task and delete/delegate tasks you don’t need to do.

This book is so helpful if we apply it in our lives. The author brian tracy eat that frog summary has put a very technical approach to how to stop procrastination in a very lucid way


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