How to pick good stocks in indian market pdf

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These are the main topics

  • What is a stock market?
  • An overview of the Indian stock market
  • What are the stock and share
  • Prerequisites for starting trading in the share market
  • How to select a good broker?
  • Understanding the online trading platform
  • Buying and selling of shares using various types of orders
  • Understanding capital gains tax on share trading
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In this how-to pick good stocks in the Indian market pdf you will know about all the concepts of the stock market like what is stock market how works. some history of the stock market. how you can buy and sell stock also know about the various online platform of the stock market.

so all these details are shared in detail so you can easily understand and the best part of this ebook is all the concepts are explained in easy language with a simple example.

when we talk about the feedback towards this ebook pdf is very positive many readers of this ebook give positive feedback.

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