Japanese candlestick charting Techniques pdf


  1. Introduction
  2. A historical background
  3. Constructing the candlestick
  4. Reversal patterns
  5. Stars
  6. More Reversal patterns
  7. Continuation patterns
  8. The magic dojo
  9. Putting it all together
  10. A cluster of candles
  11. Candles with trend lines 
  12. Candle with Retracement
  13. Candles with moving averages 
  14. Candles with oscillators
  15. Candles with volume
  16. Measured moves
  17. The best of the east and west the power of convergence 
In this pdf, you will know about the best Japanese candlestick charting techniques. which are well explained, that you can easily understand the concept of how candlestick work.
There is a total of 17 chapters cover in this pdf and all are explained with examples.


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