Top 3 million to billion converters for finance and accounting specialists

million to billion converters
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In this era, everyone wants to explore their business or investment in other regions. The business in the other regions can be done by converting their currencies according to the other regions. Some other daily life fields deal with the other regions like finance and banking.

While dealing with the other regions everyone faces difficulties because in some regions million and billion are used while in some regions lakhs and crores are used.

For example, if a person from an Asian country where lakhs and crores are used, wants to invest or explore his business in a European country where million and billion are used.

The person who wants to invest or explore his business can’t send or received money to the other region because he is unable to convert the currency.

If the European country tells him to send 100 million, he becomes confused that how much money he has to send for an investment. 

There are hundreds of numbers converter are available for helping businessmen, investors, and others who want to send or received money from the other nation. By using these tools, you can convert the money that you have to send to the other region.

As mentioned above, if a European country tells you to send 100 million, first you have to convert a hundred million in your currency like million and crore and then send the required money.

In this post, we will list the four best number converters that are helpful for finance, investment, and business.


Calculator school is an online site that provides several tools for the calculation and conversion of educational and daily life problems. You can convert the numbers and units by using this website. You can also use the financial tools on this site.

There are several categories, you can use conversion, finance, and unit conversions categories for the conversions of the numbers. You can easily convert the numbers from million to billion and billion to million using the million to billion converter of this website.

Here are some conversion tools that are offered by calculator school.

         Million billion conversions

         Words to numbers converter

         Numbers to words converter

By using these tools, any larger number can be converted into other forms for dealing or investing in the other regions. You can also use the category of finance on this site to perform various calculations related to finances.

Here are some financial tools that are offered by the calculator school.

         Average inventory ending cost calculator 

         Bond price calculator 

         Calculate acid test ratio

         Calculate Your Employee’s Productivity 

         Credit Card Payoff Calculator 

Calculator school is also free of cost like the above websites.

Calculators. tech is an online source that provides tools for conversions and finance. The persons who want to invest, in business, and financial things can use this website. you can use almost every finance, number, and unit converter on this site.

You can use the converter of this site for the conversions of the numbers from one form to another. The content of these tools provides full guidance to convert the form of the number. By using calculators. tech, you can also solve educational problems easily.

Here are some converters offered by this website:

  • Binary to octal converter 
  • Million billion lakhs crores converter 
  • Fraction to decimal converter 
  • Text to binary converter

By using the million billion converters of this source, you can easily change the form of numbers for other regions. You can convert even a larger number in the other form like million, billion, trillion, lakhs, crores, and thousands. 

Here are some finance tools that are offered by this website. 

  • The margin of error calculator 
  • Stock calculator 
  • Discount calculator 
  • Margin calculator 
  • Percent-off calculator 
  • Price elasticity of demand calculator
  • Enterprise value calculator 

You can also use this site for the calculation of mathematical, physics, and statistical problems. This website does not charge any cost for solving the questions or numbers conversions.

Meracalculator is a website that contains tools and converters. This site provides 500+ tools for helping students, investors, and businessmen. You can convert the numbers from lakh to crore and million to billion using the converter of this website.

Meracalculator offers several converters like:

         Currency converter calculator 

         Million billion lakhs crores conversion calculator

By using the above conversion calculator, you can easily convert any number in million, billion, lakhs, or crore. You can also convert the numbers from one form to another form. like million to billion, million to lakhs, million to crores, billion to crores, billion to trillion, and many more conversions can be done by using this source.

This site also offers several financial calculators like:

         Home loan calculator 

         Loan amount calculator

         Loan payment amount calculator 

         Loan balance amount calculator 

         Lease calculator 

         Indian income tax calculator 

These tools are very helpful in finance for dealing with different purposes like loans, leases, or savings. Along with the number and currency converter, Meracalculator also provides unit converters that are also very helpful in experiments and daily life problems.

Here are some unit converters of Meracalculator.

         Electric field strength converter

         Heat transfer converter

         Electric charge converter 

         Heat converter 

         Sound converter 

         Speed converter 

         Torque converter 

         Pressure converter  


The above listed four best conversions sites are used to convert the numbers from one form to another form. You can use these sites for solving the problems related to conversions.

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