7 Steps to Start Investing

Stop wondering and start investing with our quick and simple step-by-step process

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1- Save and invest

Saving and investing are distinct, but you don't have to choose between the two.

Saving is typically used for short-term goals such as establishing a rainy day fund and paying off credit card debt.

Investing generally used for long-term goals, like retiring on your terms or saving for education.

1-  Create a budget 2-  Pay down high-interest debt 3-  Set up a rainy-day fund

2-Get ready to invest

The Investment to-do list

Identify your investment goals and build a strategy to help you achieve them.

Retirement Major Purchase Building wealth Education

3- Create your investment strategy

1- ETFs 2- Bonds 3- Stocks

4-Understand different types of investments

See how different types of investments work and how they can help you make the most of your money.

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5-Know investment account types

Being smart about using different account types can help you reach your goals in an efficient way.

Investment accounts to help you save for education expenses-  529 Plan - ESA - UGMA

Investment accounts that help you save for retirement - - 401(k) and 403(b) -  SEP IRA, Solo 401(k), Simple IRA

You can start by working with a financial advisor, getting invested online, or doing a combination of both. Learn the differences between each.

6-Choose how to invest

1- Make investing a habit 2- Don't get spooked. 3- Don't try to time the market. 4- Keep your emotion on the course.

7- Stay invested

Staying invested through market ups and downs can help you stay on track to reach your investment goals.