Advanced option strategies pdf


  • Getting Ready to Trade
  • Option Fundamentals
  • What Determines an Option’s Price?
  • Tools of the Trade—Greeks
  • Buying versus Selling
  • Understanding Spread Terminology
  • The Four Basic Option Strategies
  • Learn about Long Call
  • Learn about Long Put
  • Learn about Short Call
  • Learn about Short Put
  • Learn about the Spread Strategies
  • Vertical Spread
  • Iron Condor
  • Unbalanced Spreads
  • Straddle and Strangle
  • Butterfly l y Spread
  • Condor Spread
  • Calendar Spread
  • Diagonal Spread
  • Learn about the Covered Call
  • Learn about Combination
  • What is Collar
  • Learn about Covered Combination
  • Comparing Underlying Instruments
  • Comparing Stocks, ETFs, Indexes, and Stock Index Futures
  • What is ETF Options ?
  • Stock Index Options
  • Stock Index Futures Options
  • Assessing Volatility
  • Exercise and Assignment
  • Risk Management
  • Learn about Margin
  • Learn about Placing an Order
  • Learn about Taxation of Options
  • Strategies at a Glance—ETFs
  • Strategies at a Glance—Indexes
  • Strategies at a Glance—Stock Index Futures
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