Master Swing Trader pdf

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These are the main topics-

  • Trading the Pattern Cycle 
  •  The Path to Trading Power 
  •  The Hidden Market 
  •  Pattern Cycles 
  • Trend-Range Axis 
  • Swing vs. Momentum
  • Preparing for the Market Day 
  •  The Closing Bell 
  •  Support-Resistance
  • Building a Swing Trading Strategy 
  •  Systems and Methods 
  • Momentum Trading 
  •  Countertrend Trading
  • Mastering the Tools 
  •  Patterns vs. Indicators 
  • Managing Technical Tools 
  •  Price, Time, and Volume 
  • Building Custom Indicators
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This book is mainly for those readers who want to know about the original trading methodology that relies on classic technical analysis and pattern interpretation and all the various types of trading strategies are discussed with the help of real time simple examples which gives you the better understanding each and every topic of trading.

The best thing explains in this book is short-term trade and their risk and reward and how you can tackle all these things with strategy.

The author share all the experience their real trade experience in this ebook. And when we talk about the reviews of the book according to amazon 4. star rating most of the readers give positive feedback.

The best benefit of this ebook its comes with paperback, kindle, and audiobooks the best part is that audiobook is free.



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