The total money makeover pdf

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These are the main Topics this book covered

  1. The Total Money Makeover Challenge 
  2. I’m Not That Out of Shape in denial 
  3. Know about Debt Is (Not) a Tool: depth myths 
  4. The (Non)Secrets of the Rich: money myths
  5. The Ignorance and Keeping Up with the Joneses
  6. Walk Before You Run: save $1,000 fast 
  7. Lose Weight Fast, Really: the debt snowball
  8. Kick Murphy Out: Finish the emergency fund
  9. Be Financially Healthy for Life: how to maximize the retirement investment
  10. Make Sure the Kids Are Fit Too: college funding
  11. Be Ultrafit to pay off the home mortgage
  12. Arnold Schwarzedollar, Mr. Universe of Money- Build wealth like crazy 
  13. Live Like No One Else: reach The pinnacle point 
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Are you looking for the total money makeover pdf if yes then you are in the right place, the writer of this book is Dam Ramsey. In this book, you will learn how to control finance. The book teaches you to control the bill and manage the finance effectively.

This is the book that is the number one seller in new york and when we talk about the amazon rating out of 5 gets a 4.7 rating from the readers.



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