Excel formulas cheat sheet pdf


These are The main topics covered in this ebook

  • General 
  • Navigation
  • Editing
  • Formating
  • Edit workbook
  • Basic Formating
  • Insert Objects
  • Basic Formulas
  • View and Manage Worksheet
  • Chart Types
  • Charts
  • Print AND dIstribute
  • Additional Chart Elements
  • Intermediate Formulas
  • Manage Data
  • Tables
  • Collaborate with excel
  • Pivot table Sheets
  • The Layout Group
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In this excel formulas cheat sheet pdf You will learn the best excel formula in an easy way, and better understanding. The concept of each formula is explained in the cheat sheet which is very helpful for beginners who are trying to learn excel formulas.

We have also covered the Best Microsoft Excel Courses with Certificates which are offered by top online platforms like Udmey and Coursera. and the instructor of all these courses has many years of experience.




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