Best Option Strategy Ever pdf


These are the some topics cover –

  • Basic Discussion on Option Trading
  • Option Greeks
  • Calculation of historical volatility
  • How to draw Payoff diagram in Excel
  • How to draw Payoff diagram in Excel
  • Iron Condor option strategy
  • Second Option Strategy: Horizontal Calendar Spread
  • Third Option Strategy: Bear Put and Bear Call Spread option Strategy
  • Bear Put Spread
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Which strategy is better; Bear call Spread or Bear Put Spread?
  • Fourth Strategy: Bull call and bull put option strategy
  • Bull Call option Strategy
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bullish on Volatility option strategies
  • Reverse Iron Condor
  • Short Put Ladder Strategy
  • Long Straddle and long strangle option strategies
  • Easy Guide for Indian option market

In this Best option strategy ever pdf, learn about some good best options strategies that would help you in option trading. and if are beginners in option trading then also these books clear your all concept.

This book author is Moonmoon Biswas he is a good investor and trader and best author, this book was specially designed for the Indian stock market.

And want to join some of the Best Top 10 Option Trading Courses Free, then this all courses are from good instructors had years of experience.



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