11 Best Managerial Accounting Courses for Working Professionals

Best Managerial Accounting Courses for Working Professionals

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Are you looking for Managerial Accounting courses that you can do for free?

Today in this article I am going to discuss a few best managerial accounting courses that you should consider if you are a working professional.

The below-mentioned courses are selected on the basis of the feedbacks that are given by their enrolled students.

As you already know, managerial accounting courses are those courses that will help to plan financial decisions are take necessary actions that ensure the smooth functioning of an organization.

These courses will help you to sharpen your finance skill for a better career progression.

So without any further ado, Let explore the available courses in detail.

Managerial (Cost) Accounting For Beginners

  • Duration – 3.5Hours
  • Level – Beginners
  • Students Enrolled – 6778 Students

This course is created by a Ph.D. holder in finance Stefan Ignatovski. If you want to start from an introductory level then this course will be best suited for you. This course will be beneficial to understand the types of manufacturing and non-manufacturing cost flows. There are various topics like Job Order Costing, Activity Based Costing, Variable Costing, Absorption Costing is covered in this managerial accounting course.

  • What you will learn
    • Time Value of money.
    • Preparing a flexible budget by various methods.
    • Learn to evaluate various types of investments.
    • Calculation and analyzing the return on investment.
  • Pros
    • Clear animations & fully explained problems.
    • Informative and well structured.
    • Easy to understand tricky concepts
  • Cons
    • Topics could be presented faster.
    • Should be a little bit more in-depth.
    • Have some more process examples as well.

Responsibility Accounting & Performance Measurement Course

  • Duration – 7.5Hours
  • Level – Beginners
  • Students Enrolled – 32,000 Students

This course is available on Udemy and it is created by Robert Steele. This is a basic level course and helps you in managerial accounting concept clarity. This course will help you to understand the allocation of indirect expenses. This course focuses on the concept of decentralization and compares & contrasts managerial and financial accounting.

  • What you will learn
    • Learn allocation of indirect cost.
    • General managerial accounting concepts.
    • Using a preformatted excel sheet for time-saving.
  • Pros
    • Amazing delivery of speech.
  • Cons
    • A lot of unnecessary detailing.

Managerial Accounting the Easy Way

  • Duration – 5.5Hours
  • Level – All Level
  • Students Enrolled – 3400 Students

This course is created by Eric Knight a certified public accountant. This course is specially designed for a small organization. There is no other academic requirement to pursue this course. In this managerial accounting course, you will learn to make better financial decisions. It will be beneficial from an entrepreneur to a manager of a company to step up in their career.

  • What you will learn
    • Learn cost management.
    • Budgeting & Business management.
    • Risk and Pricing Management.
  • Pros
    • Amazing delivery of speech.
  • Cons
    • A lot of unnecessary detailing.

Managerial Accounting / Cost Accounting

  • Duration – 53.5Hours
  • Level – All Level
  • Students Enrolled – 89,000 Students

This is a very long duration course and it is a bestseller managerial accounting certification course. If you are a complete beginner and not looking for a short duration course you can enroll in this certification course offered by Udemy. This course is created by Robert Steele (CPA). This amazing course is full of positive feedbacks & it has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.

  • What you will learn
    • Learn job order costing system.
    • Cost volume profit analysis.
    • Learn to construct & master budget a flexible budget.
  • Pros
    • Easy to understand for anyone with basic knowledge.
    • Enthusiastic and engaging instructor.
  • Cons
    • The topic should be more in-depth.
    • Not gone through technical things.

Management Accounting by ACCA

  • Duration – 60 Hours
  • Level – Intermediate

This Management accounting course is available on Edx and it is created by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It will be beneficial if you are starting your career in the field of finance or want to grow up in your job in the field of finance. At the end of this course, you will get an opportunity to take a computer-based exam after clearing that exam you will a diploma certificate as well.

  • What you will learn
    • Cost accounting techniques.
    • Budgets for planning and control.
    • Comparisons and analysis of variances.
    • Monitor and measure business performance.

 Managerial Accounting by NPTEL

  • Duration – 50Hours(40 Lectures)
  • Level – Beginners

This management accounting course can be done by a level student as it is designed for complete beginner students. It covers all the major and minor concepts of management accounting. This course is available in the English language and you can download the lectures on your device as well. This course is available free of cost but if you want its course completion certificate as well that you have to a minimum fee.

  • What you will learn
    • Financial Accounting fundamentals.
    • Cost volume profit and break-even point analysis.
    • Forecasting, valuation, and use of adjusted data.

 Managerial Accounting: Cost Behaviors, Systems, and Analysis

  • Duration – 20Hours.
  • Level – Intermediate.
  • Students Enrolled – 40,859 Students.

This course is available on Coursera and created by Gary Hecht, Ph.D. associate professor of accountancy in the Department of Accountancy in the College of Business. This course will guide you to become a professional accountant & learn to create, organize, interpret, and communicate in a professional manner. This course offers you a shareable certificate as well and is available in different subtitles like Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish.

  • What you will learn
    • Understand the basics of managerial accounting.
    • Identifying problems associated with financial accounting and decision-making.
    • How to use activity-based costing.
  • Pros
    • Plenty of exams so that you can brush up on skills.
    • Solid concept clarity with examples.
  • Cons
    • Profound & boring assignments.
    • The mini-project grades system is awful.
    • Lacks clarity for new learners.

Managerial Accounting: Tools for Facilitating and Guiding Business Decisions

Duration- 25hours (approx)

Level – Intermediate

Students enrolled – 19,949 Students

This course is a part of the Master of Business Administration (iMBA) degree & it revolves around supply chain management. In this course, you will learn various things like decentralization its merits and demerits & how to avoid various pitfalls while taking a business decision. It will help you to understand the iterative and interrelated nature of budgeting and its application.

  • Pros.
    • It is well designed to improve personal skills.
    • Practical applicabilities in a working environment.
  • Cons.
    • Not designed for a beginner-level student.
    • It needs to update a few concepts.

Accounting for Business Decision Making: Measurement and Operational Decisions

  • Duration- 16hours (approx)
  • Level – Beginner level
  • Students enrolled – 13,553 Students

This course is designed for professionals who want to enter a corporate environment and it will help you to understand the financial functioning of an organization. A few concepts that will cover in this course are profit analysis & how to make a pricing decision. At the end of this course, you will be able to identify the nature, purpose, importance, and application of financial decisions.  

  • Pros.
    • Interesting Topic covered with assignments.
    • Study materials are easy to understand.
  • Cons.
    • Quizzes are poorly written.
    • There are no analogies or examples.

Fundamentals of financial and management accounting

  • Duration – 12hours (approx)
  • Level – Beginner
  • Students Enrolled – 19,000 Students

This financial & management accounting course is an introductory level course that is prepared for students with zero or no knowledge. Key points that you will excel at the end of this course are financial accounting, decision making, management accounting, and preparation of the financial statement. This course also has the practical application of managerial level accounting in a corporate or multinational organization.

  • Pros.
    • Lively classes with tricky quizzes.
    • A practical course taught with devotion.
  • Cons.
    • Should be more beginner-friendly!

I hope now it will be easier for you to choose the best course among these courses.

If you want to read more amazing courses related to finance and investing you can check our other related articles as well.

If you want me to add more courses to this list please let me know.

And the comment box is open for your feedback, I will be happy to hear your concern and queries related to this post.

Have a nice day.

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