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General Questions

  • What is the best site for free online courses?

    Are you looking for the best site for free  online courses then you are in right place , these are the few websites that are best for online learning & knowledge.

    So these are the some top website listed

    1.Udmey :- It is one of the largest education site for free online courses & Paid courses

    2.Coursera :- It's a free education or online course learning site , here you can watch pre recorded video lectures that You can watch pre recorded video lectures that you can Watch when it's convenient for you

    3.Edx:- Edx is also one of the free , online courses site where you join courses for free & watch pre recorded video lectures.

    4.Alison :- Is a free online learning courses site where you can join online courses for free also they provided a free certificate after completion.

    It's also provide various courses with specific language like english spanish german & arbic

    1. Linkedin Learning :- Is a website where various types of video courses are available for free where you can educate yourself for free.

    These courses are available in various categories like business personal development , entrepreneurship , design & tech online courses.

  • How do I create a free online course?

    1. Chose the topic that you have expertise in .
    2. Select a relevant topic 
    3. Structure a knowledge around your topic.
    4. Select a software or tools to create online courses.
    5. Create courses content
    6. Courses should be simple & engaging.

  • Which one is the best course . Net or Java?

    Net or java these two are the  both languages  For Development Purpose both have their own benefits but when it can be recommended languages , then most of the recommended language is java , because java is used for every development purpose.  

    As per the career courses java is the most recommended for job purposes.

  • Where can I learn Java online free?

    1. coursera
    2. codecacdmey
    3. java 101
    4. udmey
    5. Edx

  • Can I learn Java on my own?

    Yes you can learn from on your own on the internet there are free resources available on the internet .

    Coursera is the website where you can learn for free

Social Media Marketing Questions

  • What is the scope of social media marketing?

    There is too much scope for social media marketing nowadays everyone comes online and customers prefer to shop online .

    Every business needs an online strategy to sell their or for branding their product.

  • What are the benefits of social media marketing?

    1.Product Branding

    2.low cost Maximum Reach

    3.Targeted Audience

    4.intrest base customers

    5.Better conversion.

  • 5.What Social Media Marketing is best?

    Every social media have own importance

    The top social media platform is 

    1.Facebook marketing

    2.Instagram Marketing

    3.Linkdin marketing

    4.Pintrest Marketing


Seach Engine Optimisation Questions

  • For a new website what would be more appropriate the SEO optimisation or paid ads ?

    SEO & Paid Ads Both Have Own Advantages. If You are looking for organic growth and traffic without paying then i would Recommend SEO is the best option. 

    SEO takes time to boost traffic .

    Paid Ads - If your business needs instant traffic and sales then you go for paid Ads.

  • Amazing SEO tips for online success which have been ignored ?

    • Make Your website User Friendly
    • Try to find user intent Through Google Analysis & Search Console
    • Proper Uses Of Title & Discriptions 
    • Create Meaningful content
    • Social media Optimization 

Search Engine Marketing Questions

  • How are you interested in the field of Search Engine Marketing?

    If you Like to build a Career in Digital advertising Search engine marketing is the best option for you.

  • When advertising using search engine marketing you can you only pay?

    Yes in Search engine Marketing you have to run ads in Search engine result page through paid media only.

  • Which of the following is a benefit of the search engine marketing?

    1.Fast result for your business 

    2.Brand Awareness

    3.Targeted customers

    4.Better ROI

    5.Not Costley

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