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Cryptocurrency Trading Course Free with Certificate
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Are you searching for Cryptocurrency Trading Course Free on the internet but unable to find them? 

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

As you know that cryptocurrency is one of the most popular investments. 

everyone investing in bitcoin or cryptocurrency for a better return.

so in this article, you will know about cryptocurrency trading courses for beginners. which is absolutely for free. & gain the basic knowledge of cryptocurrency trading in your comfort zone.

Finding free courses is very hard on the internet so according to the best student reviews. we have selected those courses not only courses we also research about the best author of the course.

Who can join this course?

if you are passionate about cryptocurrency trading want to invest and make a profit.

Anyone who wants to get good knowledge and skill on, what is cryptocurrency and wants to save time & money.

Then this course is best for you. and also upskill your knowledge. 

So let’s start with the top 10 best cryptocurrency trading courses free.

Cryptocurrency 101: Hand-Drawn SPEED-COURSE + PDF

This course is created by Adelka Skotak the well-known famous Cryptocurrency, Psychology & Tantra Master. The course of the content is cryptocurrency fundamental -understanding the basics of cryptocurrency and how it functions & learning about the blockchain its function & how it works.

  • Time- 35 minutes
  • Level – beginner.
  • Total Students Enrolled- 5,677
  • Rating -4.7
  • certificate-No
  • Instructor Q&A-No
  • Instructor direct message- No

What you will learn in this course –

  1. What is Cryptocurrency?
  2. What is Bitcoin?
  3. What is Decentralisation?
  4. What is Blockchain Technology?
  5. What is Mining (Verification of Transactions)
  6. How does Mining (Verification of Transactions) work
  7. What is Ethereum?
  8. What are Ethereum Smart Contracts?
  9. What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  10. What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
  11. How to create your Ethereum wallet?
  12. What do people invest in cryptocurren
  13. cy?

Blockchain & Bitcoin Trading For Novice- By NUSSI ACADEMY

The academy is very famous for Industry Experts on Business and Creative Skills.

  • Level – Beginner.
  • Total Students Enrolled-1,949
  • Rating – 4.0
  • certificate-No
  • Instructor Q&A-No
  • Instructor direct message-No

To learn this course Resources required just required laptop or mobile, or internet.

Who this course is for:

  •  Anyone who wants to learn or expand their understanding of Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Anyone considering purchasing/investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Anyone interested in Digital Currency and expands their knowledge.

Do you want to learn quickly blockchain fundamentals? if yes then this course very well fit for you.

Are you considering investing in Bitcoin or Altcoin? 

if the answer is right then you will learn how to invest in bitcoin or altcoin efficiently.

The course of the content is like this the course begins with some basic concept of cryptocurrency. how to acquire or how to send or receive it. & how to successfully trade and what is mining is all about and much more.

What you will learn –

  • Learn what is bitcoin & blockchain and how it works.
  • You will learn to know about blockchain networks.
  • How you can signup for a cryptocurrency trading account
  • Learn about how and when to acquire it how to send and receive it.
  • What is an address? A wallet? A private key or a public key?
  • Learn about support & resistance levels to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.
  • Learn about how to research& find quality & related information regarding coins that you are interested in.
  • Learn about how a bitcoin transaction works behind the scenes?
  • Learn about how cryptocurrency works.
  • Learn about fundamental and technical analysis before investing in cryptocurrency
  • Learn about how to purchase cryptocurrency from an online exchange. 

Buying Bitcoin Crash Course

This course is created by Louis Thomas who is well known for being Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Content creator.

Are you interested in learning how to invest in cryptocurrency and find the whole process difficult and complex to understand how it does?

if yes then this course is a very well fit for you.

Who is this course for?

These courses for cryptocurrency trading courses for beginners who want easily learn from scratch.

  • Level – beginner
  • Total Students Enrolled- 3,173 
  • Hours- 1hour 38min
  • Rating- 4.0
  • certificate- No
  • Instructor Q&A- No
  • Instructor direct message- No

Content for this course – 

  1. This course will cover all the possible investing journeys in bitcoin. these are the topics that cover.
  2. You will learn to create an account in Coinbase.
  3. How you can set up a hardware wallet.
  4. How to keep your seed phrase safe.
  5. How to keep your exchange account safe.

There are lot more topics that this course will cover to know more you can enroll in this course is completely free for everyone.

Bitcoin Trading Course: Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula

This course is created by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov who is a very well-known Forex & Crypto Trader. 

Are you interested to learn trading and investing in cryptocurrency and learning the techniques?

if your answer is yes then this course is a very well fit for you.

  • Level – All level
  • Total Students Enrolled-10,238 
  • Hours-1hr 59min 
  • Rating – 4.5
  • certificate-No
  • Instructor Q&A-No
  • Instructor direct message-No

What are the requirements to learn this course-

  1. Laptop and desktop
  2. Good internet conection
  3. very open-minded for bitcoin trade
  4. Basic knowledge of CFD then it is a plus point.

Who is this course for-

A trader who wishes to learn how to close every trade into profit in the worse scenario will be a loss.

A trader who wants to know a simple system not site on the computer screen whole day.

A Traders that do not want to pay any costs for the actual purchase or mining the Bitcoin

A Traders who wish to do Bitcoin trading on the value of the price

Content of this course –

In this course, Zhivkov Aleksandrov teaches about how to trade into bitcoin with own never losing formula with the trading asset. and he is the head Head mentor in EA Forex Academy.

No matter you are a beginner or intermediate level or advanced this course is fit for all teaches you to step by step with a never losing money formula

What you learn in this course –

  • You will learn about how you can handle a losing trade not have losses in the account.
  • Learn about building your own account and adding every time $200 of profit and never lost.
  • Learn to trade bitcoin the most foliate cryptocurrency from any device with the internet.
  • Learn techniques to calculate an easy formula for bitcoin trading and avoid losses.
  • Learn to identify the trend of the bitcoin in the right direction.
  • Learn when to avoid trading.
  • Learn to use price action when to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin when not.
  • How you can take quick profit waiting for long waiting exchange.

Bitcoin Trading: Trade Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency Course

This course is created by Thomas Boleto well-known instructor by profession she is Trading Expert. she is an expert in the trade of bitcoin teaches you easily and understandably.

If you are passionate and curious to know how bitcoin investing and trades?

If the answer is yes then this perfect course for you.

  • Level – Beginner
  • Total Students Enrolled-593 
  • Hours- 1hr 56min 
  • Rating – 3.3
  • certificate-No
  • Instructor Q&A-No
  • Instructor direct message-No

Who this course is for:

  1. Beginner or advance trader who wants to less spend time infant of the screen.
  2. A trader with experience want to expand their knowledge
  3. The trader wishes to expand their portfolio diversification in the bitcoin.
  4. Anyone who wants to start the journey into bitcoin.

Courses of the content –

  1. Does anyone want to know more about what is bitcoin? Who is Santoshi why people are investing in bitcoin?
  2. Anyone who wants to know more about basic knowledge of bitcoin wallets.
  3. And anyone who wants to learn cryptocurrency and altcoin and what is the market cap of bitcoin plus daily trading volume in bitcoin.
  4. How you can open a Binance account and know about highly profitable trading strategies.
  5. With the chart, you will understand the use of candlestick trading.
  6. How you can open the demo account through that how you can learn the trading. 
  7. Learn about the money management strategy to be always profitable.

What you will learn in this course are listed below-

  • You will learn about what is bitcoin 
  • Learn basic about bitcoin when its starts and what is the future of bitcoin.
  • Learn about bitcoin wallet, & bitcoin mining.
  • Learn how to open a Binance account.
  • Learn how you can buy bitcoin using your credit and debit card.
  • You can learn about how you can deposit bitcoin and withdraw
  • Learn about the trading view and how to open a trading view account for free.
  • Learn to open a demo account for the practice.
  • Learn tips and techniques of bitcoin.
  • Learn about all the sites you need to know.

Simple Cryptocurrency Investing Course For Beginners (2022)

This course is created by David Skaff who is a cryptocurrency investor, this course teaches you in a short time how you can invest in cryptocurrency.

  • Level – Beginner
  • Total Students Enrolled- 640 
  • Hours- 1hr 26min 
  • Rating – 4.1
  • certificate- No
  • Instructor Q&A- No
  • Instructor direct message- No

Who this course is for:

A beginner who wants to learn and gain knowledge in cryptocurrency investing then this course is a very well fit for you.

What you will learn in these courses listed below-

  • You will learn about cryptocurrency
  • How you can easily invest in cryptocurrency
  • How to mine the cryptocurrency and trade crypto.
  • Which platform to use is best for you.
  • All about blockchain how it works.
  • What’s makes a great investment and profitability.
  • Technical cryptocurrency analysis
  • How to minimize the risk
  • You will learn about safe cryptocurrency storage
  • What is the mistake when investing in how to avoid that mistake?
  • Day trading
  • Full guide on investing.
  • Learn the fundamentals to be a successful cryptocurrency trader.

Blockchain 101 Beginners Free Course Bootcamp Cryptocurrency

This course is created by Shivgan Joshi who is by profession Shivgan Joshi is an expert tutor based out of NYC, New York NY. Developed various passive courses for boot camps in Data Analytics, took classes in the USA (New York) and India. 

Requirements of this course-

No knowledge of programming or math is needed to take this course if you have played that will help you.

If you are at card games that is the plus point for you or if you want to work in New York Wall Street in the crypto space.

  • Hours-1hr 20min
  • Rating – 3.5
  • Enrollment-20,585
  • certificate-No
  • Instructor Q&A-No
  • Instructor direct message-No

Who this course is for:

  1. No knowledge of programming or math is needed to take this course if you have played that will help you.
  2. If you are at card games that is a plus point for you or if you want to work in New York Wall Street in the crypto space.
  3. Anyone who is willing to learn and interested in introducing blockchain technology.

What you will learn in this course is listed below:

  • You will learn about hash, timestamp, mining, consensus, and proof of work.
  • Learn about the Creation of a chain understanding the genesis block.
  • You will learn about Setting up Ethereum Blockchain ICO Environment
  • You will learn about Solidity’s high-level language for implementing smart contracts
  • You will learn about Broad DApps Decentralized Applications
  • How you can invest easily into cryptocurrency.

FREE Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investing Starter Course (2022)

This course is created by Adam Jarrett who is well known as a cryptocurrency expert trader.

  • Hours- 1hr 59min
  • Rating – 3.9
  • Enrollment – 4,350
  • certificate- No
  • Instructor Q&A- No

Requirments for learning this course-

  •    A mobile or laptop with a good speed internet connection.
  •    A passionate person about cryptocurrency open mind people.

Who this course is for:

  1. If you think outside and have an interest in cryptocurrency then this is the course for you.
  2. If you want ad skill and knowledge and in the future want to trade in cryptocurrency.
  3. If you want trustworthy information about bitcoin & cryptocurrency then this course is for you.

What you learn in this course-

  • Learn about Cryptocurrency Terminology
  • Learn about What A Blockchain Is & How It Works
  • Learn about, Why Blockchain Is Such Important Technology
  • What Is Bitcoin & cryptocurrency?
  • Learn about Brief Introduction To How Markets Work
  • Learn about Basics Of Candlesticks
  • Learn about Drawing Support & Resistance Levels
  • Learn about Drawing Trendlines To Help Predict Future Price Movement
  • Learn about How To Buy Cryptocurrencies
  • Learn about Exchanges To Use For Investing
  • Learn about Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Learn about Doing Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Cryptocurrency ICO: How To Discover And Invest In Great ICOs

This course is created by Dave Partner & by profession, he is the full stack developer and teacher he teaches thousands of students.

  • Hours- 1hr 44min
  • Rating – 4.1
  • Enrollment- 5,037
  • certificate- No
  • Instructor Q&A- No

Requirments to learn this course-

  •  Mobile or laptop with good internet connection

Who is this course for –

  •   cryptocurrency investor who wants to learn the ICO
  •   People who want to learn how to find ICO is growing now a day.

What you will learn in this course –

  • Learn about how to discover a great ICO.
  • learn the ICO and predict the future price before investing in cryptocurrency.

Step-By-Step Cryptocurrency Trading Course & EBook

The course is created by Aedan Kelly, Professional Day Trader & Cryptocurrency Expert, and teaches many students.

  • Hours- 1hr 40min 
  • Rating – 4.3
  • Enrollment- 31,992
  • certificate- No
  • Instructor Q&A- No

Requirements of this course –

  • Computer or mobile phone
  • Good internet conection

Who this course is for –

  • Anywho wants to learn day trade and gain knowledge 
  • An investor who wants to advance their knowledge
  • want to become a good trader
  • want to know cryptocurrency mining no prior experience is needed
  • want to learn investing in cryptocurrency and trading from scratch

What you learn in this course-

  • Learn about blockchain & cryptocurrency
  • Learn about the history and possible future of cryptocurrency
  • how you can start investing in cryptocurrency
  • you will know about how to buy and sell with serval strategy to make money.
  • The best method to research data so you can invest in the right direction
  • Learn about what are the ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and how you can participate.
  • Learn about cryptocurrency mining 
  • How you can minimize risk when you trade.



All the courses I have discussed are best for you if you are a beginner or have some experience in cryptocurrency. These are all courses for all level who wants to start a journey in cryptocurrency and trade investing. The lost best part of all the courses is they are free you can learn and earn with a comfort zone.

If you know any better courses please comment below and share this course with your friends and those who want to learn about cryptocurrency.

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