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Are you searching for Courses for Content Writing? Do you want to refine your writing skills and become a highly paid content writer working from the comfort of home? But you do not know how to start your journey to gain financial freedom.

If your answer is yes then you are at the right place

Online content writing courses are gaining popularity day by day. You can equip yourself with content writing and promotion strategies from anywhere. It will help you to gain an advantage over your competitors in this fast-changing professional world.

In this article, we will cover everything from the importance of doing an online course, basic requirements to learn content writing, various free and paid courses available, and answers to your most of the commonly asked questions.

Due to flexible work-from-home opportunities offered by the content writing field, more and more people from all fields are opting for this as a full-time career option. The demand for high-quality content will always be there. So, many people want to learn this skill. But content is a way to communicate your ideas and thoughts. So, if you are passionate about reading, writing, and have good research skills you can become a content writer. Here we have highlighted qualities that you must possess before enrolling yourself in any course.

Basic Computer and Internet Knowledge- Today most business activities take place online. So, basic technical knowledge to handle various apps, software, or browsing the internet is required. Also, most of the companies now prefer work-from-home culture. So, you must be compatible using computers and the internet to comprehend effectively.

Basic Grammar and Vocabulary Skills- Grammar is the backbone of any write-up. To create high-quality content you must know how to use words and structure sentences for maximum effect. Proper usage of punctuation is required to write meaningful sentences. Good command over vocabulary and synonyms is an added advantage.

Learning and Reading Skills- To become a pro content writer you should always be curious to gain new knowledge. You can read books and blogs related to your niche. Learning new skills, gaining a working knowledge of the latest tools, etc. will also help you.

Deliver High-quality Content- Try to write high-quality content. It differs from generic content in a way that it is well researched and packed with valuable information. Good quality content with proper keyword distribution all over gets easily scanned by Google and generates lots of backlinks. The search engine rankings also improve.

Using Content Writing Tools- Various tools are available online to check grammatical errors, spelling errors, and duplicate content. Learn to use them to create a properly organized piece of content. This will increase the readability score of your article.

Knowledge of Latest Trends- You must be aware of the current trends in the content writing field and your niche. This way you will be able to provide valuable and authentic information to your existing and new audience.

Free content writing courses with Certification

If you want to either polish your content writing skills from scratch or enhance your knowledge, then here is a list of the best three websites that offer free online writing courses. On these platforms, you can explore courses by various teachers and select the one you want to learn. All the teachers are trained professionals having many years of work experience. The curriculum is well designed with practical assignments. These courses will help you to grow your online business and help in personal branding.

1- Hubspot Content Creation and Marketing CourseWell-known software developer Hubspot offers this free and practical training to help you learn and promote content like a professional. 

  • Duration- 6 hours
  • Level- Beginner to Intermediate
  • Certificate- Available

2- UdemyUdemy is an online learning platform that has a wide range of free and paid courses. You can explore their courses under various categories, such as web content writing, marketing, etc.

  • Duration- Different for each course
  • Level- All levels
  • Certificate- Available

3- SkillshareSkillshare has a massive collection of both free and paid content writing topics for beginners and experts. If you are using it for the first time you can get 1 month of unlimited access to all the paid courses.

  • Duration- Different for each course
  • Level- All levels
  • Certificate- Available

Content writing courses for beginners.

  • How beginners should start with content writing- 

If you are fresher with no previous writing experience, then you must read a lot. You can read anything that interests you. It will increase your knowledge and give you an idea of how the sentences and paragraphs are written. You will learn how to construct sentences to leave a mark on readers’ minds.

You should write daily or you can join an online writing course that will teach you how to create meaningful content for your target audience.

You should also develop strong research skills to gain deep knowledge of the topic you want to write about. Also, you should avoid writing duplicate content and present the information in simple and easy-to-understand language

  • Why it is a good and growing field- 

The demand for content writing jobs has increased manifold over the past few years. There are many reasons for its growth as a lucrative career option.

You do not require a specialized degree in literature, English, or Journalism to pursue your dream of becoming a content writer. It is a skill that you can learn if you can express your thoughts.

Also, it does not require a fancy office setup. You can work as a freelancer for more than one company from your home and set your working hours and also spend quality time with your family.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with your writing skills as all businesses and marketing campaigns require content in various forms.

  • How beginners can kick start their career in content writing- 

Content writing can be taken up as a new career option during any stage of your professional life. Though there is no specific educational requirement for this field, yet for technical content writing, you need a specialized degree. A few ways in which you can start your career as a content writer.

Freelancing- You can create an online portfolio to showcase your expertise on freelancing sites, like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Blogging- Creating and setting up a blog is free and does not require any particular qualification. You can start expressing your thoughts on it focusing on your target audience.

Internships- Many organizations offer online internship opportunities to college and school students. So, if you are studying or have recently passed from college or school, you can apply for internships.

Get Certified- You can enroll in various certificate courses related to writing, such as technical writing, word press, SEO, copywriting, etc. to improve your professional skills.

How to become a good content writer

To become a good content writer knowing how to write is not enough. There are several other skills that you must master to succeed as a writer. The lack of these skills is the reason why a vast number of writers are not able to make a living out of their skills.

●     Research Skills- Good research skills are required to write valuable, informative, trustworthy, and up-to-date content.

●     Unique Voice- Ability to write original and plagiarism-free content and providing a new perspective to the already available information.

●     SEO Knowledge- Basic and updated SEO knowledge is required to write unique content compatible with search engine algorithms.

●     Social Media Specialist- Be active on social media to have a loyal fan base who can read, recommend and share your content.

●     Meet Deadline- Ability to deliver content according to client’s guidelines within a specified timeframe shows your trustworthiness.

Online Content Writing Courses in INDIA

There are several online content writing course providers and it becomes difficult to select the right one. So, here we have shortlisted the top five websites that offer the best writing courses that you can enroll in.

Top 5 website for online content writing courses India

1. Digital Writopreneur Hub Academy- It is a well-established online learning platform run by Mr. Rajinder Soni having more than 20 years of industry experience. The highlights of the course are personalized live editing sessions, writing contests, online portfolio development, and freelancing opportunities. 

  • Duration- One-month model course with first client connection
  • Level- Beginner
  • Certificate- Available

2. Education and Career Times (ECT)- It is a government-recognized online learning platform that offers free demo classes, personalized attention, and internship opportunities.

  • Duration- 3 months
  • Level- Beginner
  • Certificate- Available

3. IIM Skills- It is an online learning platform that offers freelance opportunities, free tools, and lifetime support. 

  • Duration- 4 weeks
  • Level- Beginner to Advanced
  • Certificate- Available

4. Henry Harvin- It is a leading online learning platform where you can learn various types of content, get 1-year of gold membership, and live projects. 

  • Duration- 32 hours training + 24 hours brush-up sessions
  • Level- Beginner
  • Certificate- Available

5. IIDE- It is an online learning platform that offers content writing, copywriting, and social media content creation training. 

  • Duration- 2 hours of video content
  • Level- Beginner
  • Certificate- Available


You can learn content writing online by starting a free blog, doing guest posting, creating social media posts, networking with other writers, etc. this ay you will practice writing regularly.

You can become a content writer online by reading online blogs related to your niche. you can use various online writing apps, like Grammarly to improve your writing and grammar skills.

You can become a certified content writer by doing a course from a reputable academy. It will enhance your experience and will be an added qualification to your existing portfolio. In this article, we have covered online certified content writing course providers.


So, now you know how content writing can be a lucrative career option irrespective of your qualification.
In this article, we have covered everything that you must know before opting for content writing as a career option to top online training providers.
But, changes take place in the content writing and marketing fields at a fast pace. So, you should have the ability to adapt to changing environments and constantly update yourself with the latest trends, to succeed as a content writer.

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