Camera Confidence Course by Rajinder Soni Sir

Building a Brand is Not That Hard If You Follow The “Right Plan”

Learn to ENGAGE & INFLUENCE People with your VIDEOS


Who is this course for

👍 Then learn the tips and tricks to become confident😎 on camera from Rajinder Soni Sir, CEO of Digital Writopreneurs Hub, who has already conducted 300 hours of online webinars, live meetings, and Facebook live sessions.

why we are providing this course

🌟🙌This is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to:

Start building your confidence on camera with Rajinder Soni Sir

All editors, writers, entrepreneurs, or coaches who want to break their habit of procrastination and want to join this camera confidence-building course can join us today.

why you should opt for this course

If you want to become highly confident on camera, he will train you and will give you his practical camera confidence-building tips, tricks, and exercises through the group energy course.

How confidence can boost your EARNINGS

🌟🙌Many people who have marketing skills, business expertise, and a lot of valuable knowledge but they are not confident enough to face the camera.

At the end of each session, you will need to complete the practice videos and move forward.


Result: You will carve out a new version of yourself and this version will be powerful than the previous one — more confident, more passionate with loads of happiness and positivity. With all the power to influence the masses.

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Now here are the modules Of FULL COURSE:

Many people who have marketing skills, business expertise, and a lot of valuable knowledge but they are not confident enough to face the camera.

  • Session 1: How to Face the Camera with Confidence (2 Hours 36 Minutes)
  • Session 2: Your Confident Version #1: Are you ready to take the next challenge? (2 Hours)
  • Session 3: Digital Writopreneurs Hub –- The Leaders of India Live Session –- PRE-EXTEMPORE (1 Hour 5 Minutes)
  • Session 1: Let Us Start Building Your Confidence on Camera (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Session 2: Digital Leaders of India (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Session 3: Camera Confidence Building Pre-Extempore Session (1 hour 21 minutes)
  • Session 4: Extempore Introduction and Mission Live on Facebook (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Session 5: Camera Confidence Building Advanced Session: One By One Live on Facebook
  • How to Live Stream Your Zoom Session on Facebook (30 minutes)

  • You will get entry into the course plus WhatsApp group plus live sessions for advanced training.

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Anyone with a basic understanding of English who wants to achieve great things in life by being confident in ourselves and about their opinions, for people who are very shy to communicate with people or with a camera.

This course will not help you unless you help yourself. You have to pursue this entire course to understand everything. It can help you to achieve great things in life at a very small expense. It will help you to crack the interview. In case of any doubt, you have to ask your coach or community people who are always available to pick you up.

Life, everything comes at a cost. If you want this course for free then I just want to say you IF YOU CAN’T HELP YOURSELF HOW CAN YOU EXPECT SOMEONE HELP YOU.

You can claim a One-week MONEY BACK GUARANTEE how to claim ask.

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Please ask your question only when you are interested to buy this course. You will get the reply within 24hours.

If you still don’t trust me JUST GOOGLE him.
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